McLane and Alex

How We Met: Way back when I was in high school, I remember hearing about this boy, Alex. He played soccer and was was a couple years older than me. Being older and a soccer stud, of course I knew who he was. Eight years later, after living two very separate lives our parents began to work together. My mother would come home from work and would talk about her co-worker’s son. Little did she know she was planting a seed.

Unknown to me, Alex’s dad was doing the same thing. I soon began to Facebook “stalk” Alex and developed a crush. Months later I was on Tinder (shameful I know) and came across Alex. I got so nervous that I actually closed out of the app instead of swiping right or left. I thought he was gone forever. A few days later he showed back up and I got the nerve to swipe right. He had swipe right as well. Moments later he had sent me a message saying “That moment you really hope they swiped right too…just happened!” We soon began dating and we have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked: On June 25th I rushed home after work to get ready for a surprise date. Alex is always surprising me with things like this so I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. As I was getting ready Alex came over and was rushing me along. I finally came out of the bathroom, ready to go and on my coffee table was a stuffed animal bunny, Peter, that I had given Alex for Easter.

Attached to Peter was a note. The note was written by Peter and it asked if I wanted to go on a geocaching adventure. Of course I wanted to go and I began to get butterflies in my stomach. The first location on the adventure was where Alex and I had shared our first kiss. From there we went to the place we had our first date, where we attend church, a local golf range, and to Alex’s apartment.

At each location was a note that led us on another adventure. The last note sent us to a train that is downtown that has a geocache on it. We have searched several times for this cache and unfortunately we have never found it. The note said that the geocache had been found. We head downtown to the train, once we got there I had to find the final clue on the adventure.

There was a note rolled up and tucked on the caboose of the train. I quickly opened it up. On it was a Jumble for me to solve. Alex and I are both nerds and we regularly solve the daily Jumble together that is in our local newspaper. Once the Jumble was complete it revealed the secret message “Will you marry me?” When I turned around and looked at Alex he was down on one knee.

Image 1 of McLane and Alex

After I said yes and we shared a few kisses I found out that he had a photographer take pictures of the proposal. It was a magical day that I will never forget.

Image 2 of McLane and Alex

Image 3 of McLane and Alex

Image 4 of McLane and Alex
Image 5 of McLane and Alex

Photos by : Rachel Gerke Photography