McKinley and Darin

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How We Met

Darin and I both live in Alberta, Canada. Me in Beaumont and him in Bonnyville. We first met when I was 14, we met at summer camp and I always had the BIGGEST crush on him. After spending a few days around him, I sincerely had the following thought: “if I could find someone even half as great as him, i’d be happy” If I knew that at 14, then he must have been a pretty big deal?. It wasn’t till I was 16 that we reconnected. We weren’t dating, I didn’t even know if he was interested but I kept everything! From movie tickets to receipts to flowers. There were about 3 hours that separated us, so all this happened on weekends that we would completely book off for one another, however, we still weren’t “dating”. My parents had made a rule that us kids weren’t allowed to date till we were 18. Basically what this meant is that we didn’t go on dates or hang out one on one. As difficult as that was, Darin the was set on waiting for me and it was one of the best things for us. I got to fall in love with the man he was before we were even together. We took those 2 years to learn understand one another. Without falling in love with the physical aspects of a relationship.

And it made our first date even more special. He sent me on a huge scavenger hunt in Disneyland that finished with a note reading “meet me in front of the castle at 7” we ate at the blue bayou waterfront restaurant and the night ended with him

Asking me to be his girlfriend. The magic didn’t stop after that. our dating experience continued to be incredible. I truly was treated like a princess on a daily basis. I love Disneyland almost as much as Darin, so it was only fitting that we ended up there 2 years later, only this time our lives would be changed forever!

how they asked

May 1st, 2016 – I was in Disneyland for a girls trip and we were on day 4 of Disney. Darin arrived that day without me knowing, my mom picked him up and he went for flowers and made his way to Disneyland. When he arrived he met with some of the amazing cast members and they cooked up a plan for a proposal of the century. Honestly it’s so hard for me to try and recap this story with words because it has to this day left me speechless.

He stationed himself on the Mark Twain River Boat. (Darin and I drove the boat during his scavenger hunt 2 years ago) The boat was incredible, completely lit up, music being played, people dancing. Joy surrounded the deck. My friends skillfully convinced me to board the ship and a cast member led us up to where Darin had been patiently waiting for an hour, full suit, huge bouquet of roses and surrounded by some (random) anxious bystanders. When I saw him,I was shocked, the most shocked I’ve ever been; and I usually have a hunch for surprises. I was impressed. The beauty and quality of our relationship was just showcased perfectly as I said yes to the man of my dreams. I am SO pumped to marry him.

-The following day was spent talking to family and friends, capturing
Some magical shots and enjoying a day at Disney together.

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Special Thanks

Kirsten Dukeshire
 | Best friend