Mckenzie and Stephen

Image 1 of Mckenzie and StephenHow we met: Stephen & I met on an intramural team that a mutual friend asked us both to be on. I was immediately attracted to him & was pretty determined to get to know him. I made up multiple excuses to hang out with him & his friends, slyly got his number & found reasons to text him. We would talk all day everyday, & constantly hint that I was into him & wanted him to take me out. Clearly, he was not picking up on it. I ended up having to go way out of my comfort zone and ask him on a
date, & I am now so grateful I did.

About a month after we started dating, he left for four months to do humanitarian service in the Philippines. We both say that we fell in love across seas. In those four months, I was able to see a different side of him & experienced how much of a priority he made it to keep in touch with me everyday though he was extremely busy & it was a 14 hour difference. Once he finally arrived home, he didn’t waste anytime in letting me know how he felt about me & his desire to spend the rest of his life with me.

how they asked: With both of us being in school, Sundays are generally the only days I really get to spend time with Stephen. We generally go to church together, spend time at the park, make dinner & take drives through the canyon. This Sunday, we spent most of the afternoon cuddling on a blanket near the beautiful LDS temple grounds while he read aloud until it began to rain. At this point, it was about 6pm & as we drove home he told me that he had a meeting he needed to go to for a while, but he would meet up with me a little later. I was pretty bummed, because obviously I’m going to be a selfish girlfriend & want to spend the entire day with my boyfriend I hardly get to see during the week. After he left, my best friend called me, & previously knowing she was going through a tough time with a guy, & asked me to go on our typical drive to talk about it. Of course I was more than willing to jump in the car with her & help her out. Normally we drive to our spot & talk, but she drove right past it & proceeded to drive into the canyon. I didn’t think anything of it because she & I both adore the canyon. Especially when the season is beginning to change the color of the leaves. While driving up the canyon, she said she desperately needed to make a pit stop & asked if we could go to my brother in laws family cabin. I figured it would be locked, but we could give it a try. Once we got through the gate into the little cabin community, I began to see lanterns lining the road. My first thought was that someone was having a little party or get together that we were crashing, but as we continued down the road, I began to see that the lights led right to the cabin. We stopped the car & my best friend disappeared. At this point, I knew what was happening. I followed the lights that lined the porch and wrapped to the back of the cabin. When I turned the corner, it looked like a scene straight from the Bachelor.

Image 2 of Mckenzie and Stephen

Lights hung from the roof to the to the trees, rose petals covered the ground & candles covered the railing next to the river that flowed next to us, & on the other side of the porch stood the most handsome, amazing man that I’ve ever known. After getting on one knee & making me the happiest girl in the entire world, we proceeded to go into the small cabin where the fireplace was lit, & there was a small table with candles, chocolate covered strawberries & a full dinner for the two of us. It was easily the best as well as the most romantic day of my entire life.