McKenzie and Robert

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How We Met

Robert and I met through mutual friends when he was home from Purdue University during the holidays in 2013. After playing 21 Questions over text message and sharing countless late-night FaceTimes, we started dating in 2014. Robert graduated from college that May and decided to play independent baseball in Indiana. We both cried tears of joy when he got the call to sign as a pitcher with the San Francisco Giants organization only three months into season. After three years of minor league bus rides, shoulder injuries and long distance love, he hung up his cleats and came home to California. He landed a full-time job shortly after returning home and faced adulthood in a quick four months. It wasn’t long until we starting thinking about tying the knot. But he always said “you’ll never know when I am going to pop the question…”

how they asked

Robert’s sister Katie invited us to do a couples day-trip in Half Moon Bay with her and her boyfriend, Alex. After some planning, we agreed on brunch followed by some wine tasting. We brunched at Miramar Beach Restaurant, mainly for the cocktails and ocean views. When we wrapped up our meal, Robert suggested that we all go walk on beach before heading to the first winery. Katie and I love taking pictures, so it wasn’t a surprise when she said “can you take pictures of us and then I’ll take pictures of you?” After a couple different poses, Robert leaned in for a kiss and then pulled away to take a knee in the sand. He said “McKenzie Rose Campana…”

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After he said those three words, I literally blacked out. I was so overcome with emotions that I pulled away, squatted down and couldn’t believe our proposal was happening in this moment.

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After I found enough energy to nod my head up and down, I ran towards Robert and jumped into his arms. I wrapped my legs tight around his waist and gave him the biggest hug. After a few seconds, I said “I’m holding on and never letting go…” and he said “well you’re going to have to let go so I can put this ring on your finger…”

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With my feet on the ground, I lifted my left hand up and he slid the beautiful diamond ring over my finger. I was shaking from the emotions of the past minute and couldn’t believe we were officially engaged.

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It’s been the ride of my life dating Robert, and of course, he had to throw a fantastic curveball for our marriage proposal!

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