Mckenzie and Lucas

imageHow we met: We both started at the University of Oregon in 2011 and we lived in our church’s on-campus co-ed house for college students called The Onyx House. We would run into each other occasionally and became friends. We even went to a Halloween party as Khloe and Rob Kardashian!!

Then a couple of years later we were both leaders at Eugene Faith Center’s High School Camp. He started pursuing me there and we were dating less than a week after camp! The rest is history ;-)

how they asked: Over Christmas break we went to Kona, Hawaii with my family. Mom and Dad, my two sisters and my Grandma Jan and Grandpa Jamon. Our first full day there was spent exploring the town, finding some good beach spots, and just having fun with everyone! That was Sunday, the 15th. On Monday, my Mom and I went with my Dad and Lucas to go golfing. My Mom and I drove the golf carts for the guys while they played.

On the way back to the house my mom suggested that we get a little dressed up that night so we can do some “family pictures” (that was Lucas’s way of making sure I would look the way I want to for him to propose. Smart guy!) So while we were waiting for everyone to be ready for pictures, Lucas grabbed his guitar and asked if I wanted to go hang out down by the water for a little bit. I agreed and we sat there and he started playing his guitar. Then he said to me “Hey, I haven’t played the song I wrote for you in a long time! Want me to play it for you?” (he wrote me a sweet song back in August). I said sure! And he said that he needed to go get a copy of the lyrics so he’d be right back, which was clueing all of my family in to know that it was about to happen!

He then started playing me the song and I had no idea that he was going to propose, I thought he was just playing it for fun like usual. I was clueless until I noticed a change in the lyrics toward the end – the original words were “your hand in mine” and he sang “your LEFT hand in mine” so I of course started to freak out a little bit inside! He also added more to the verse at the end that said something like “Your family on the back porch too, to share this moment with you, because girl I want to marry you!” And then he put down the guitar and said some very sweet things to me and got down on one knee and proposed, I of course said “YES!!!!!!” It was sooo exciting and so awesome! He did a wonderful job!


And we are actually married now! We tied the knot on August 23, 2014.