McKenzie and Jacob

How We Met

The spring of my sophomore year of high school, in his junior year, we caught each others attention in Algebra II, but nothing happened until the summer. Now it was the summer going into my junior year of highschool and his senior year. We attended the same private school but knew nothing about each other. He started to “favorite,” before it turned into “likes,” my tweets on twitter. I slowly caught on to this and would tweet or retweet something intentionally to see if my theory was correct. Eventually, I started to return the favor. The end of June rolls around and one of the colleges in our town was in the college baseball world series. We were both live-tweeting about the game. He replied to one of my tweets…which made my heart skip a beat or two! Once the game was over and our team lost, he dm’d me and the rest is history! We talked every day after that and became “official” 2 months later. This August will be our 5 year dating anniversary!

How They Asked

A few weeks before the proposal, Jacob asked me if I wanted to go eat at Maggiano’s on December 14th with a gift card we had. Of course, I said yes…I mean who turns down a good meal?! So as the day got closer, he asked if I would make reservations. I got on the website and the entire restaurant was booked that night. He didn’t think twice and said okay just find another nice restaurant for us to go to that night. Here is where I got a little bit suspicious. I was telling him we could wait and go another night since we had a gift card. He insisted on this night and said book a reservation for J’Alexanders…my absolute favorite restaurant.

Where to Propose in Nashville, TN

Once again, of course, I didn’t hesitate on a steak dinner! The day comes around and we went to our hometowns Christmas parade together. He was acting completely normal all day, which threw me off. He went home to get ready and came back to pick me up at 5:30. My parents were being a little weird and psycho cleaning our house, but I didn’t really think twice about it. We go and enjoy a nice meal and stayed to talk for a while. I was getting a little impatient because my parents asked us if we wanted to play games after dinner and I knew they wouldn’t stay up very late, so I was ready to leave. In the middle of dinner, his dad texts him asking us to run by the school he works at to pick something up for him. It didn’t really phase me, but that was a big part of the plan ;).

We go by the school and then head home. When we pulled in the driveway, I said (jokingly!) “guess we aren’t getting engaged tonight…” He played it off and we started to walk in the front door. When I opened the door, the lights were off, “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett was playing, and the entire entryway/dining room was decorated with candles, rose petals, lights, pictures…etc. At that point, I knew what was happening and I think I even said “NO WAY!” As you can see in the pictures, there was a clear path created by candles, but I somehow missed that and knocked at least 5 of them over…leaving wax on my parents’ floor (sorry!). The path led to my deck which was also decorated with lights and candles.

There was a little rug that we went and stood on and I got so nervous! Right before he started talking, he said “wait…is Allison out here?!” He totally blew her cover. Allison, is my roommate from college who was supposed to be taking pictures! We laughed and then he started his little speech. I truly don’t remember what he said I just couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I kept saying, “This isn’t real! This is a dream!” He proposed and I said, “YES!!!!!” Then all of our family came running downstairs from their hiding spot to congratulate us! They crushed it while we were at dinner and decorated my entire house and made it look absolutely perfect. It was the perfect night!

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