McKenzie and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I met in high school through mutual friends. We started dating the second semester of our senior year. We would be attending different colleges because Jake was a college athlete. Throughout the four years of college we created our own routine. We stayed up for hours on the phone and surprised each other with special visits. We thrived with the support of all of our friends. After graduating college Jake moved to where I was living so that I could finish my Master’s degree in counseling. Our relationship grew even closer and we knew we could never be apart ever again.

How They Asked

After 5 and a half years, Jake knew it was time to pop the question. In March of 2020 he decided to go ring shopping with family. Little did he know that would be one of the last purchases he made before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. So much uncertainty hit both of our lives. Jake was worried that all of his plans would be nearly impossible. June 2020 finally came and we decided to take a much need vacation with family. Over the years Jake and I both loved to spend our summers in the Outer Banks. Jake knew that my favorite spot in the enitre world in Jockey’s Ridge State Park, specifically at sunset. The sunsets at this location are unmatched, and had provided a place of peace and joy for us as a couple. On one of the last nights of vacation Jake took me to this location for a walk at sunset. It was when the sun was perfectly placed in the sky that Jake told me that he would choose me every day for the rest of our lives. The past few months have been so uncertain, but one thing never changes, our love for one another.

Special Thanks

Carson Diehl
 | Photographer