McKenzie and Dylan

Image 1 of McKenzie and Dylan

How We Met

We met in college, both in our sophomore year. I was actual in another relationship that was going south real quick. At the time Dylan was there for me as a friend and nothing more, always saying the nicest things to me. Even when that relationship ended Dylan and I remained friends because I didn’t want to start a relationship with anybody any time soon. But as time went on and we started to hang out more and more, my feelings for Dylan started to change and I realized that I really liked him and would like to date him. I finally told him this and he officially asked me to be his girlfriend New Year’s Day of 2016! We’ve had our ups and downs along the way but we know we have come out stronger and that our relationship can withstand anything that comes our way!

How They Asked

He told me he was taking me out to eat at a fancy restaurant down on the coast for my birthday. So we got all dressed up, met up with some friends, and rode down there together. The hostess tells us that we’ll have to wait about 30 minutes while they get our table ready so we decide to go walk along the docks. While walking along the docks, we decided to stop and take some pictures to post for my birthday. So me and my now fiancé are taking pictures and the next thing I see is him get down on one knee and pull out a ring. He said, “Will you marry me, McKenzie?” Of course I said YES! I was so happy I couldn’t believe it! All of our friends were in on it and knew what was going on and it was so sweet to have them there with us. After that we called both of our families to share the good news and celebrated with great food at the restaurant. I couldn’t have asked for a better fiancé or proposal! I seriously cannot wait to be this man’s wife and spend forever together❤️