McKenzie and Brent

Image 1 of McKenzie and Brent

How We Met

While visiting family in Hawaii, I decided to search for my “perfect guy” online. I changed all of the criteria and removed the zip code limitations. There were a handful of guys that came up during the search and Brent was the ONLY cute one. I looked at his profile, was deeply saddened by the fact that he lived in Arizona and that was that.

The next day Brent messaged me. We talked online for a while, then on the phone, then on Skype. A month later he took the plunge and flew out to Seattle to meet/see me. From the second I picked him up at the airport I knew he was the one. A couple days before he headed home we went to dinner with one of my good friends and that’s when I asked him to be my boyfriend. =)

We dated long distance for a little over a year and after many “I miss you” texts, I decided to move to Tucson.

Image 2 of McKenzie and Brent

how they asked

As much as we love them, surprises are hard to achieve in our relationship. Brent found out that I knew he was proposing at some point during our trip to Seattle (June ’15). Because of this he had to resort to the most spontaneous proposal plan ever!

After waking up at 3am, we left Tucson, made a connecting flight in Phoenix and were on our way to Seattle. Brent kept expressing how badly he needed to go to the bathroom and was driving me crazy because he wouldn’t go! Come to find out, he was purposely trying to get stuck behind the beverage cart so that he could talk to the flight attendants. He showed them the ring, asked for their help and came back to his seat. Boy was I relieved that the bathroom fiasco was over. I cuddled up on his shoulder, put my headphones in and started to rest my eyes.

A couple minutes later one of the flight attendants gets on the PA and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special guest on our flight today.” I instantly popped up with excitement. I thought there was a celebrity on our plane! The attendant continues, “…in Row 10, Seat B, McKenzie. Brent just got done telling us how the most beautiful, amazing, girl became a part of his life and now he has to ask her the question of his life.” Brent gets down on one knee in front of me and asks me the question that forever changed my life, “McKenzie Marie Thomas, will you marry me?” Tears instantly started streaming down my face as I exclaimed, “Yes! Of course!”

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