McKenzie and Andy

Image 1 of McKenzie and Andy

Every year my uncle hosts a party at his house the Thursday before my home towns annual Homecoming in’s August Fest. We were celebration a little extra this year with my recent employment with my home town’s police department.

Andy had invited all of our friends and family to celebrate. After everyone arrived he pulled out the champagne glasses to give a toast to my recentl accomplishments and to celebrate us moving back to my hometown. We raised our champnahe glasses to toast and Andy said the only think that could have made the last fours years together any better was if he would have asked me to marry him. Andy got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer, all in front of the people who are closest and mean the most to us!

Image 2 of McKenzie and Andy

At that moment I realized I was the only one in the entire room who didn’t know the proposal was going to take place that night. Everyone did a great job of keeping the secret for the last 6 weeks so he could make my favorite weekend of the year even more special.

Image 3 of McKenzie and Andy

Image 4 of McKenzie and Andy

Special Thanks

Lauren Trotter
 | Photographer