McKenzie and Adam

How we met: One of my closest friends dated Adam’s best friend off and on for about 3 years, but Adam and I never met in person. I had heard about him and knew of him, but that was all.

One day, my friend said, “Kenz! Guess what!? Adam Gray is single!” and I said, “Oh my gosh, you should totally date him!”

I thought she was telling me about an opportunity for revenge against an ex, she thought that I would clue in that he was cute and I should go for it.

A few weeks later, a not so newly-single Adam sent me a text message!

We went out a few days later, and I fell head over heels within a few dates!



how they asked: Adam and I had been dating for a year and a half when we started to seriously discuss getting married. I knew I wanted to marry him after our third date, but the reality is that things take time :) We discussed it more fully at the end of January 2014, and set a tentative date- so things were getting more real, but I had no idea when we would be engaged, if he had a ring, whether or not he had asked my dad, etc. I was waiting patiently (yeah right) for the moment to come, searching for clues of when it would be and I was ready at all times.

He knew that I had a few very serious requirements: 1. My nails had to be painted. 2. I had to have a picture of the event. and 3. I needed my sister to be in the same state (she was living in California at the time) so I could hug her and jump up and down and scream… a phone call was not going to be enough!

So when Alexa moved home on1620786_4010538039628_271772347_n February 2nd, I thought the ball might be rolling. Adam knew I was anxious and excited, knew he was in control of the situation, and totally took advantage. We would be watching a movie and he would get down on one knee and then laugh hysterically. Or he would be holding my hand and lift it up to see if my nails were painted and say, “Just checking.” It’s funny now…

On February 21st, Friday evening, Adam and Alexa and I had made plans to go to our favorite sushi restaurant, Happy Sumo. Just outside of the restaurant, in the middle of the outdoor mall, there’s a big gazebo where they sometimes had bands playing or other live entertainment. As we were walking into the restaurant, Alexa called Adam’s phone, claiming that she had tried to call me but I didn’t answer and to meet her over by her car so we could all walk in together. “Why?” I said, “It’s freezing and I’m starving.” Adam rolled his eyes and started to walk towards the other parking lot, away from the restaurant. “Seriously Adam, I am freezing, call her back and tell her to just meet us inside!” (Looking back, I REALLY should have clued in at this point.) Adam laughed and said, “Calm down, just come on!” (He’s used to my whining; especially about being cold and hungry.) As we met up with Alexa she said, “Hey guys! Sorry, I couldn’t find a parking spot on that other side!” I said one more time, “Why did we walk all the way over here, I’m freezing!” (Again, it’s obvious now and I really am more intelligent and pleasant than I’m coming off.) Alexa ignored me and said, “Ooh, look how pretty!” and pointed to the gazebo in the middle of the mall. It was decorated in flowers, candles and balloons- coincidentally in all of my favorite colors. ” “Ohhhhhhhhhhh… I get it,” I thought.

We walked towards the gazebo and Adam had the most handsome grin on his face. It was all happening so fast, and in my head I was thinking “Oh my gosh! This is it! Play it cool, it’s happening, right now!” But I just kept saying, “What’s going on??” over and over again. Finally Adam giggled and said, “You know exactly what’s going on,” and grabbed both of my shoulders. The playing it cool was out of the question because I was giggling/crying and I couldn’t figure out what to do with my purse! I kept hooking it with my elbow, and then dropping it to my hand, back and forth, panicking. Adam, ever so calm, said, “Put your purse down,” and looked me square in the eyes. I dropped my purse and ran my hands along his chest and down into his hands and felt a furry little box. I lost it! He got down on one knee and the rest is history. The answer was so obvious- I was so ready to be Adam Gray’s wife!


Yes my nails were painted, yes I got a picture, and my sister and I jumped up and down and screamed right after.