McKenzie and Aaron


How We Met

I met Aaron when I was working the front desk at a local gym where he is a personal trainer. The second I laid eyes on him I had a feeling I was going to marry him one day even though he had no idea I existed at that point in time. Thankfully another trainer at the gym invited me to celebrate “singles awareness day” [Valentine’s day, of course] with “a bunch of people from the gym.” When I arrived, it was just Aaron and the other trainer and I quickly realized that I was being set up. Aaron and I spent that night getting to know each other, and the next day, and the next day. Past relationships caused me to lose hope and wonder if true love actually existed but the more I got to know Aaron the more I began to let down that wall around my heart that I had built up so high. Aaron also lost faith in love due to past experiences and he had even told his family that he never wanted to get married. As it is said to do, love found a way and now here we are. The rest is history.



how they asked

Aaron bought us a vacation to Hawaii for my Masters graduation present. Our friend has a timeshare there and he had mentioned that he would be going sometime in the near future and there was plenty of room if Aaron and I wanted to stay there, too. Needless to say, it all worked out perfectly. The entire vacation was a dream come true. I had just graduated, landed a great job, and then got to spend an entire week in paradise with the love of my life. Life couldn’t get much better, or so I thought. On the 3rd day, the three of us went and looked at waterfalls and went on adventures around the entire big island. Upon returning to our timeshare, we decided to go relax on the beach and watch the sunset. I asked our friend if he would take a few pictures of Aaron and I with the sunset behind us because let’s face it, I’m your typical girl and our friend is an aspiring photographer. No better combination, right? I was standing on the beach and Aaron came down to join me while our friend got into position to take pictures. Aaron pointed out that there was a large group of people standing in the distance and after looking away to see what he was talking about, I turned back and he was on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. The next morning, we went snorkeling with dolphins that we found off of the coast and just like that, in a matter of 24 hours, I crossed two items off of my bucket list: get engaged and snorkel with dolphins. Even when I didn’t think it could, life got even better.