McKenna and Taylor

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How We Met

Taylor and I met at a middle school summer camp on the beach. Our first time seeing each other was on the beach by a really huge rock. He jumped out from behind a rock and tried to scare me. After getting to know each other that whole day, that night I wrote in my journal “I think I just met the guy I am going to marry.” I can’t explain how I knew, I just did. I think the most beautiful and precious moments in life are unexplainable. We were only in 7th grade and quickly grew to be best friends. My dad had a rule that I wasn’t allowed to officially date someone until I was 16 years old so we waited until the day after my 16th birthday and have been in love ever since!

McKenna and Taylor's Engagement in Winema Beach

how they asked

I am a photographer so I thought I was going on a shoot on the beach. I called my client and asked him where he would like to meet me and he told me by the big rock in the sand. I walked over to it with all my gear in hand, and instead of seeing my client, I saw Taylor on top of the rock! He walked me up that same rock that we first met in middle school at to a place over looking the ocean. There was a blanket, flowers, pictures of us and candles. We went though all the pictures and talked about the past 7 years of memories. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his best friend forever. It was the easiest yes I have ever said!

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