McKenna and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in California University of Pennsylvania

How We Met

We met freshman year of college, Nick will tell anyone and everyone that he tried asking me out then but I would not give him the chance. What he fails to mention is he had a girlfriend at the time so he wouldn’t give me the chance. We started dating sophomore year on October 13th. We spent the afternoon in the student union talking and laughing. When I had to go home he asked me out and the next day we went to Applebee’s for our first date. The rest is history, we became the “Greek power couple” on campus, Nick running the Interfraternity Council and me running the Panhellenic Council.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in California University of Pennsylvania

McKenna's Proposal in California University of Pennsylvania

Engagement Proposal Ideas in California University of Pennsylvania

How They Asked

Being in the Greek community at Cal U, every year we march in the homecoming parade with our organizations and the floats. Homecoming always falls on the anniversary of when we started dating so that’s always a fun time. We always get a picture before the parade starts, this year we forgot to however, I guess Nick had other things on his mind. When we lined up for the parade all my friends made sure I was walking behind our float so I couldn’t see what was going on upfront. We start walking and we get to the judging station and my friends drag me upfront to stand by myself, that’s when I started questioning things.

Nick comes around and grabs my hands and I distinctly remember asking “what are you doing” then he got down on one knee and the confetti canons went off and I screamed and said yes. We continued the parade and I later found out that all of my friends knew, my boss knew, our Greek Life advisor knew, and all of Student Affairs and the media department knew, so he pulled off a pretty big surprise.

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