Mckenna and Jon

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How We Met

I was on the yearbook committee in high school and had to go with the swim team to their state championship meet. That is when I first met Jon. He kept trying to flirt with me and show off at each of his swim races and I didn’t give him the time of day! The next week, the new semester started and we ended up being in the same history and chemistry class. After several attempts to try and get my attention, one day I walked into our history class and Jon let me know that he heard about a pop quiz that was going in our chemistry class. He asked me if I wanted to skip the quiz and go to lunch with him. After many small, flirtatious conversations up to this point, I had grown a huge crush on him so of course I agreed! We have seriously been inseparable ever since that day. We dated through our junior and senior year of high school, went to prom together and walked at the graduation ceremony hand in hand. He really is my high school sweetheart!

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The photo that I attached is a photo that our chemistry teacher took of us on the first day of the class. I highlighted our faces so that you could see that we didn’t know each other yet! I remember that we were all so annoyed that our teacher wanted to take the time to take a photo of us in our chemistry gear but to this day, Jon and I treasure this photo because it’s technically our “first” picture together. Little did we know that we would be spending the rest of our lives together!

how they asked

The Utah State Capitol Building has always been my favorite place in the whole entire city ever since I moved to Utah. So about 5 years ago when we were juniors in high school, Jon took me to prom which was at the capitol. We had just started dating, but that night at prom Jon and I both realized that we were in love with each other. Ever since then, we have gone to the capitol building pretty regularly just to walk around it and enjoy its beauty. So on New Year’s Eve night, Jon said that he wanted to go to the capitol to look over the city, which of course I didn’t think anything of because we go there often. We park and start walking up the steps to the front door and Jon started to tell me how much he loved me and how far we have come since that night at prom. When we get to the top of the stairs I turned around to take in the view of the city like we always do and when I turned around Jon was on his knee holding my ring! All I can remember is him saying, “Mckenna Lynette Warick…” and everything else after that was a blur. Like I don’t even remember him putting my ring on?? I was a crying mess and kept asking him, “is this real??”

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And then after he stood up to kiss me BOTH OF OUR FAMILIES JUMPED OUT FROM THEIR HIDING PLACES and cheered for us! It was a dream! It was soooo special to me to have our families there! So now, the Capitol building means even more to us that it ever did. Jon seriously pulled off a miracle because it’s not easy to keep surprises from me! But I was SO surprised… I had no idea that any of this was going on! I am so obsessed with Jon. I didn’t think I could love him more than I already did but I love him a millionn times more!

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