McKenna and Brian

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How We Met

We met in February of 2016 and our first date was about seven days later. He brought me flowers on our first date and sat through a 9:00pm showing of The Revenant because that’s the only show time my work schedule allowed for. The next few dates were filled with those “first kiss anxiety” jitters, teaching him the difference between purple and lilac, convincing him that “Jesus sandals” are cool and that the Yankees are the best team in Baseball. But three dates later, he finally kissed me in my living room while we were slow dancing to some song on the radio. A few days later he asked me to be his girlfriend and gave me a Relationship Agreement (all in good fun, of course). I wanted to include the Relationship Agreement because it ties in to his proposal….

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how they asked

We had been planning our trip to New York City since June of 2017. I mean, I had a countdown app on my phone and everything. I talked about and planned this trip every single day leading up to the day we left. New York City is my favorite place on this planet, needless to say. Ever since we officially booked the trip, Brian kept requesting to make “a walk through Central Park” be the first thing we do to kick off the trip.

The morning he proposed the forecast was overcast and drizzling slightly, so we wanted to head to Central Park quickly before the rain started. We started by getting coffee at this adorable little French Bakery in Columbus Circle called Maison Kayser, then we started our walk through Central Park. He kept looking at his phone and sending what seemed like novels to “one of his friends”. Little did I know he was trying to communicate with the photographer that he had hired to tell her where we were and where he was going to pop the question.

He suggested that we walk through The Mall and head towards the Bethesda Fountain (my two favorite spots in Central Park). As we walked around the fountain, a nearby guitar player started to play Can’t Help Falling in Love, which is the song that I sang and recorded for him a year or so prior (he actually didn’t plan this, it was just a wonderful coincidence).

As we’re walking around the fountain, he asks, “Do you know how many days we’ve known each other?” I guessed. He responded with, “720 days.” And if I told you I remembered the rest, I’d be lying. The next thing I know he’s down on one knee, with tears streaming down his face, asking me to marry him. I NEVER thought I’d say this, but I truly don’t even remember saying “yes”. But I am so glad I did.

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He also provided me with a “Proposal Agreement” that mirrored the “Relationship Agreement” he made for me when he asked me to be his girlfriend two years ago…..

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