McKenna and Brett

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How We Met

Brett and I’s story begins before we were born. Our parents knew one another for years before, and when Brett’s parents were interested in renovating their home, my dad was the one for the job. My dad, having been dating my mom since early high school, used the money he received from the job to buy my mom an engagement ring. Fast forward to the year 1993, Brett and I were both born, just five months apart from one another. We went to school in the same small town; he attended the private school and I the public.

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Though we went to two different schools, and Brett being in a grade above me, we still had a decent amount of run-ins: when we were between the ages of seven and eight, we were placed on the same co-ed soccer team (which my mom still brings up how devastated Brett was when we lost in the championship game); in late elementary and throughout middle school, I attended basketball tournaments held at his school (where my friend, Jaime, and I came up with the nickname “BB Gunz” for the cute, all-star player); and during my sixth and seventh grade years, I occasionally saw him at middle school dances when all neighboring schools would combine. We became friends throughout the years, and I even became the “match-maker” between an acquaintance and him when she asked for help to get him onto MSN messenger. When we were in high school, we were placed in the same Spanish class, and it was from that point on that our friendship grew. The summer before I was going into my sophomore year, I was invited up to Jaime’s family’s cabin, which is in a little town with a population of just about 1,000 people. Brett and I had been texting when I came to find out he was in the. same. damn. town.

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His family was staying at a cabin on the lake, and when I told my friend he was in town, she invited him over. Right before we started the next school year, Brett made it more apparent that he was interested in being more than friends. The countless texts turned into countless phone calls, making each other mixed CDs, hanging out after school, cute little poems, and getting rides home from volleyball games. Sitting against a brick wall on Wednesday after school, he asked me to be his date to homecoming — and here we are, nine years later.

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how they asked

Because we started hanging out before either of us had a vehicle, we didn’t go many places that we couldn’t travel on foot. Often times we would walk around town, or go hang out at the local park. On the weekend of July 6th, Brett and I were making our way home for our town’s annual “Firemen’s Picnic”. As we got into the car, Brett told me he made a playlist for the ride home. It was a random assortment of songs that he said reminded him of me, timeless classics that we listened to together, our favorites on the radio now, and old, early high school songs that we’d burn onto one another’s CDs.

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When we got to my house and came to the realization that my parents wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, Brett suggested we stop out a nearby restaurant — the one where we went for our first date. I agreed, thinking nothing of it. After all, it’s the closest restaurant to my house and we’ve been there many times since our first time together. Later that night, my mom and I were inside while Brett stepped outside where my dad, my brother, and a couple of his friends were hanging out by the fire (I later found out that he was *officially* asking for my dad’s blessing). The next day we headed over to his mom’s house and started getting ready for the afternoon.

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We met up with some friends a few streets down, and after a while, headed over to the park (the same park we used to hang out at) for a going away party for one of them. We talked about heading up to the picnic grounds when I said I had to used the restroom before we left. My friend Meghan said she had to go too, so followed me over there, along with Brett. Afterward, as we were walking away to a more secluded area, Meg asked if we could take a picture together. After a couple of pictures, she asked if Brett and I wanted our picture taken as well. We took a few, and as I pulled away to give her a hug, Brett grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

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It didn’t quite occur to me what was happening until he was on his knee, but I was still in shock (so much so in fact that I kept pulling away, and I’m not even quite sure if I answered him). I thought I had it all figured out — he is still in school for Physical Therapy with graduation coming up in May 2019 and I thought for sure it would be around then; we’d both have jobs, we were planning on moving…it just made more sense to me. He took me by COMPLETE surprise by popping the question out of the blue.

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We snuck away where we both quickly called family members to tell them the news. We walked back to his house (so I could reapply my makeup after ugly-crying it all off) and then made our way over to the picnic to celebrate and be surrounded by both of our families and friends. So much thought and detail — he truly pulled off the perfect proposal. My heart exploded more than the fireworks that night. I absolutely cannot wait to marry my best friend!!

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