McKell and Caleb

How We Met

Caleb and I met in college my freshman year. Our friends decided we should all go on a group date thrift shop bowling. That’s where you go to a thrift shop with your date and pick out anything in the store for them to wear, a little silly, but it was still the best date I’d ever been on. Caleb bet he would beat me and being the cocky, competitive person that I am, I told him that the loser would have to wear the ridiculous outfit to class the next day. I lost. But, Caleb is too nice and changed the bet so I would go on a second date with him instead.  After that we were inseparable.He was the closest friend I had ever had and falling in love with my very best friend was the easiest thing the world.

how they asked

For Christmas, My mom gave Caleb tickets to my favorite place in the world, Disneyland, without me knowing. Caleb gave me the tickets and we drove all through the night because I was so excited. We got to Disneyland before the park opened and Caleb told me that he had one more gift for me. I asked if I could open it while we were on our trip. We just so happened to be in front of the castle when he said, “Sure.” The gift was a scrapbook that he had made, with pictures he had received from my dad of me when I was a little girl. The book was a fairy tale about our lives leading up to that moment. He talked about seeking his one true love and how he knew the moment he had found her. It was the most beautiful thing I ever read. I got to the last page and I looked up from my book to see my prince charming on his knee smiling up at me with the most dazzling, princess ring. The amount of tears that followed were unreal. He is my one true love and sobbing out the word yes was the single greatest decision I ever made.

disney proposal