McKaya and Jared

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How We Met

(The more you read of this section, the better it gets) !!! So Jared and I met at this part time job, where we would get on a bus and each go pick up a car, and drive them back to the designated destination. On one of our work trips, I was (more or less) forced to sit by him on the bus. I acted as though I wasn’t super happy about it… (but secretly I really was) :) :) :) It was only a 3 hour bus ride that time, but I still was not complaining at all. The bus ride was not exciting at all. About 5 minutes into getting on the bus, he was zonked out. This was the moment I realized “man this guy is a sleeper” (but for the record, to this day, I sleep much more than he does.. and I mean MUCH more..) NOW, for the more exciting stuff. July 10, I texted him and I asked if he wanted to go storm chasing.

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The lightning was insane, and because I knew he’s a photographer I figured that would be fun for him and we could go out and do something that would be exciting for both of us. So he drove 30 minutes to my house, picked me up, met and got quizzed by my dad, ALL AT 11 PM. My dad wasn’t thrilled that this guy he’d never met before, was coming over on a Sunday night to take his daughter “storm chasing”… (okay but we really did just go storm chasing). Off we went. The next night, on Monday July 11, Jared texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Waterton, (a nearby National Park) allllll night. (why did we think this was a good idea?!?! my parents probably didn’t sleep a wink that night).. SIDE NOTE: I’m not a sneaker outer. I live in a small town and there’s really not much to do. So I approached my mom at about 7:30 pm and told her straight up that I was going to Waterton and then to work in the morning with this guy named Jared. The questions began. We planned to sleep on the bus the whole way after being out all night.

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After a bit of convincing, she told me, “Don’t be stupid” (best advice from a parent). At about 11pm we met up and drove to Waterton. Of course, he brought his camera, so we took a few long exposure pictures of the sky and mountains. While we were sitting there, waiting for the photo to take, he put his arm around me to keep me warm. (I DIED A LITTLE. there’s just something about it.) We hiked a short mountain, at 2am (I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO GET ATTACKED BY A BEAR NO LIE) and sat on the edge of the cliff and took some more photos. His arm was around me again. And I liked it. The night passed and nothing tooooooo exciting happened. July 12th, ordinary day. We worked for the day, and later that evening decided to add some excitement to our day. In Lethbridge Alberta, there is a 100 meter high train bridge, that runs across a river. We thought it would be a good idea to walk across it.. We got to the middle of the bridge and as I was looking around at the view, and down at the river, little did I know that right when I turned back around, I was going to be SMOOCHED!!!! AND THENNNNNN IT HAPPENED !!!!!!!! a big kiss 100 meters in the air !!!! and another kiss…… and another :) eeeeekkkkk!!!! all magic and happiness.

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Once we were finished over there we headed back to the car, walking across the tracks, and while we were nearing the end, I on Jared’s back, noticed a man in a uniform walking toward us. As we got closer, I started to panick “JARED ITS A COP. FETCH ITS A COP” we were screwed. We met grounds with the cop and he told us to PUT OUR HANDS BEHIND OUR BACK (OH MY HECK…!.!.!.!.!.!) we got put in handcuffs. he talked to us for a minute and told us we trespassed and that he was giving us $287 TICKETS EACH (holy freak). Joel, the ginger cop, took off the handcuffs realizing that’s we were not a threat, and we headed to the cop car. We climbed in and he wrote up our tickets and off we went. THE 2 BEST PARTS OF THAT STORY ARE: 1) nearly a $600 first kiss WITH MY NOW FUTURE HUBS 2) my grandpa, who is a lawyer fought the tickets for us and WE GOT OFF THE HOOK I think we had a decent 3 first dates. Quite adventurous and full of happiness !!!! :)

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how they asked

SO January 11th, Jared told me we were going out to the train bridge the next day, to take pictures and he said he might want me in some of them, so I needed to dress up just a little bit.. AKA, not sweats like normal.. because that’s just how I do things. ANYWAY. I didn’t think anything was going to happen because he told me he hadn’t talked to my dad yet. I am so gullible. Of course I believed him! And he didn’t have to do much to make me believe him either. BUT WOW IT WAS FETCHING COLD OUT.

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A drone was flying around, and honestly I really didn’t think much of it. I’m a bit of an airhead… We set up the camera with a “timer” which was actually a video!!!! We walked to the edge “to get a picture together”. He subtly pushed me, just enough to see down to where he had written “MCKAYA FOREVER???” * PLEASE NOTE IN THE VIDEO: THE QUESTION MARKS ARE BACKWARDS BECAUSE HE WAS WRITING IT UPSIDE DOWN! Still cute though, and it made for a good laugh. We didn’t notice until the video :) I gasped, turned around, and there he was on one knee..

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Bethany Hardy
 | Other footage
Brad Bogdan
 | Drone footage
Jared McDonald
 | Planned the entire proposal!