McGregor and Jennifer

How We Met

McGregor and I met in high school while working in the dining room of a local retirement home. May sound depressing but was it was actually an incredibly fun and humbling job. At the time, we were both seeing other people but I was quickly drawn to his contagious sense of humor (his height and good looks didn’t hurt either). We found ourselves spending more and more time together, dated once and then went our separate ways again until my senior year. While working one day, I was called up to my favorite residents room, Ms. Baldwin, where McGregor was awaiting alongside her with a sign and roses asking me to Prom (up until her passing, almost 7 years later, she still claimed that she played matchmaker). We had a picture perfect evening and as much as I tried to deny it, I knew he was something special. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend shortly after, despite the fact that I already had plans to move 2 hours away for college. I said yes (although I admit, reluctantly) which turned out to be the second of three times I would say yes.

how they asked

We have taken a long weekend trip to Savannah once a year for the past few years- we love the quaint, historical feel of the city- so it wasn’t any surprise when it came up in conversation with friends that we wanted to return in March. Saturday morning of our trip, we took a stroll through Forsyth Park and stopped at the famous fountain to take some pictures, as we had done every trip before. Standing next to McGregor, we snapped a photo and before I knew it he was on his knee asking me to marry him. He then let me know he had made reservations as a restaurant nearby to celebrate so we quickly rushed over to make our reservation time, cutting my Facetime calls to family a bit short. As I walked into the background, there I found our entire family (many who had travelled for hours, or through the night) ready to celebrate the rest of the weekend away with us!

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