Mccrae and Matthew

Image 4 of Mccrae and Matthew

How We Met

Matthew and I are middle school sweethearts. We started out as cello stand partners in 7th grade at Minnetonka Middle School East, now we are to be husband and wife. Matthew and I have conquered middle school, high school, and three years of long-distance in college… we are about to celebrate our 8 year anniversary! From chocolate croissants and holding hands for the first time in the movie theater to our first kiss snow-shoeing, there is no one I would rather spend life with.

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Image 2 of Mccrae and Matthew

How They Asked

I had just left the emergency room when Matthew proposed. After leaving the hospital, I went home to curl up in pajamas and rest. In the afternoon Matthew told me he was going to go grocery shopping and about 30 minutes later I received a call from him. He had left the list in his notebook! Getting up to find the list, I found a white envelope labeled with “McCrae” and “#1” instead. Opening the note, I quickly discovered I was going on a scavenger hunt around Northwest Arkansas. Written in rhymes and stamped with blue flowers, the hunt led me to Crystal Bridges American Art Museum, the old 5-10, Chickfila, a sculpture garden, our favorite fishing spot, and lastly, our family friend’s home.

Image 5 of Mccrae and Matthew

When I arrived at the Biggs’ home, a beautiful white dress, shoes, and pearl earrings awaited me. After changing, Mrs. Biggs offered me a snack and walked me into her kitchen. Instead of a snack, I found a real treat waiting for me, Matthew. Leading me outside for a walk, Matthew and I reminisced over the past 7.5 years, talking about our first date skiing, hiking 14ers together, and all the adventures we had been on.

Image 3 of Mccrae and Matthew

After a few minutes of walking, we came to a beautiful picnic area, complete with rugs, chairs, cake, and champagne. As I looked around the area, I didn’t notice Matthew getting down on his knee. As I turned around, I teared up and said yes, giving Matthew the biggest hug. All the while, my mom and Mrs. Biggs hid in the bushes taking photos. I am so excited to marry my middle school sweetheart!