McCarthy and Kenny

How We Met

We met on Tinder! Our first date is a great story. He asked me out to a rooftop bar in NYC. I took a cab from my apartment and halfway there found out I left my ID and had to turn around and get it. Then I arrived 45 minutes late and he had been waiting there the whole time for me out front. Then we had an amazing night. However, I found his debit card in my purse the next morning. I panicked and told him I didn’t know where it was and cut it up. He didn’t find out until a full year of us dating!

how they asked

I was 100% surprised and had no idea that June 21st, 2018 would be one of the best days of my life. We can start where it all happened March of 2018 Kenny told me he was going on a work trip. What really happened was that he really flew from NYC to San Francisco to ask my parents if he could marry me. I never found out! In June of 2018, we were headed to Montauk for a weekend just for us two. The whole 3 hours drive out I was so cranky because I am not a morning person and we left early in the morning. Then when we arrived he took me to a nice lunch and he encouraged me to put on a nice outfit. Then we had to stop by a house his parents wanted to rent over summer but he said the landlord wasn’t the friendliest and that I should wait in the car.

A few minutes go by and he calls my cell phone for me to come inside. I was so nervous to meet the grumpy landlord that I was afraid to walk in. I eventually gained the courage to walk through the front door and my heart stopped. The most perfect proposal I could imagine. Van Morrison Into the Mystic was playing and Kenny was standing on the balcony with one rose in his hand! After he asked me to marry him, his and my family surprised us from the bushes next door and ran out screaming congratulations. The whole weekend we had a blast celebrating our engagement in a beautiful house with both of our families.

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