McCall and Tanner

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How We Met

Tanner and I went to neighboring high schools and always knew of each other, but never officially met until we were in college! He played on his high school’s basketball team and I remember watching him play and always thinking he was SO cute! Fast forward a few years, we met through some mutual friends and went on our first date in May 2018! We continued to go out and had the BEST summer together. He was attending a University 2 hours away from mine, so we dreaded the start of a new school year where we would be apart.

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Tanner told me he loved me for the first time the night before he moved back to school. I knew I loved him too and that I wanted to make our long-distance relationship work! After a full year of driving back and forth and countless late night FaceTime calls, I can say that it was SO WORTH IT. We are getting married in Salt Lake City on August 8th, exactly one year from the day we became official. I’m so excited to never go another day without him!!

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How They Asked

Tanner’s sister in law, Nicolette, is an amazing photographer and for the longest time, she has told us that she’s wanted to do a stylized photo shoot with us. Tanner and Nicolette had been secretly planning together to create this perfect lake scene for our proposal! They collaborated with a hair and make-up artist and a florist to make this beautiful arrangement for the canoe! Tanner and I have done photo shoots with photographers in the past, so I personally didn’t think too much of it! We took pictures for almost an hour in the canoe before he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!! I was SHOCKED and couldn’t say yes fast enough! Shortly after, our families came out from behind the trees where they had been waiting and watching. I felt like I was in a Nicolas Sparks movie, it was the most beautiful and romantic setting! I could not have dreamed of a more perfect moment. I will cherish these photos forever!

Special Thanks

Nicolette Monson
 | Photographer
Foxglove Flowers
 | Florist
Stephanie Cox
 | Hair & Make-Up