McCall and Casey

McCall's Proposal in Pittsburgh, PA

How We Met

We didn’t meet until our last semester of college. We spent the entire semester waiting for each other after class and finding reasons to hang out. The night before graduation, we headed to our senior bar crawl and I told Casey exactly how I felt about him over a shared plate of nachos. He responded by kissing me. We made it official a few weeks later.

Casey and I spent 3 and a half years taking the same professors and walking through the same hallways at our university. It wasn’t until January, the start of our last semester together that I noticed him. I mean really noticed him. From the second he sat down one seat away from me that first day and flashed his amazing smile, I knew I was going to fall in love with him. We spent weeks and months walking to and from class together, working on projects, and realizing we’ve been in the same place so many times without ever talking to each other. After months of building a friendship and gushing about him to all of my friends, it was the night before we graduated from college and started new chapters of our lives. I couldn’t wait and spilled my heart out to him over a shared plate of nachos at our favorite college bar.

How They Asked

Fast forward to November 2018, we’ve been together officially for about a year and a half and we’ve started new jobs, I’m in law school, and I know for a fact, I’ve found my soulmate. We’ve built a quiet little life in Pittsburgh, living and working in the city so it only felt right that Casey told me he had a work event at a fancy hotel downtown the week of Thanksgiving. I put on a nice outfit and met him, a little anxious that he was hiding something from me.

He took me to the 9th floor and insisted we go into a room, definitely not completely set up for an event and after telling me we are probably just early, he put my coat on me and told me to come, look at the view from this rooftop patio. Hesitantly, I stepped outside and turned the corner. Casey had lined up candles to create an aisle and before I could comprehend what was going on, he was on one knee, asking me to marry him. Through my tears, I could barely get out a word but I managed to say the most important one, yes.

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