Mayura and Hardik

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How We Met

Hardik and I started talking through a mutual friend in high school. This was back in 2011 when online dating wasn’t common. We were hardly 16 years old at the time! We both grew up in traditional Indian families where “dating” wasn’t allowed at such a young age. To add to that, we both were living in two completely different states. For the first year of our relationship, we never got to see each other in person. We spent countless hours of video calling and texting to make our relationship work. Although we were not able to go to the same college, we tried to fly and see each other more in college. I remember saving up cash and then buying visa gift cards so that I could book flights without letting my parents know at the time! It’s a funny memory to look back on. Of course, my parents LOVE him now and are so thankful I found him! Since he found a job in Michigan after college and I was starting graduate school in Texas, we have still been long distance but we can’t wait to end that soon!

How They Asked

In March, Hardik had planned a surprise trip to Santorini, Greece but due to the pandemic, he had to postpone the trip multiple times and eventually cancel. He wanted to still make it feel like we were in Greece! He invited me to come, visit him in Michigan after I was done with my summer semester for a small trip he had planned to go up North. He planned activities for us to do every day including private wine tours and a private hike in the sand dunes. On Sunday, August 9th he told me to get dressed up by 5:00 PM. I got dressed and went down to the main entrance of the hotel where a chauffer driven car picked us up.

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From there, we went to a restaurant to eat a nice dinner. Finally, the driver picked us up and took us to a beautiful marina in Charlevoix. I was so excited and confused! We made our way down the pier to a beautiful catamaran that was reserved just for us. We got to drink champagne and enjoy the beautiful sunset on Lake Michigan. As the sun was setting, he handed me a gorgeous bouquet of roses and shared beautiful words to make me feel special. He got down on one knee and popped the question! I was so excited to say YES!

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Special Thanks

Hannah Rummel
 | Planning
Hannah Rummel
 | Photographer