Mayra and Wes

how we met

Wes and I met downtown at a place called the Pastry War. It was really by chance as Wes is not originally from the U.S., he is from Cape Town, South Africa. He approached me and said “hi,” and when I heard it is a beautiful accent, I instantly felt a connection. We enjoyed an evening of bar-hopping together and exchanged numbers; the rest is history!

how they asked

COSTA RICA!! The same trip I swear I almost lost my life on the mountain. I had NO CLUE, like NO CLUE! I had stopped stressing about getting married and put my faith in God and his plan for us. I did not want any added pressure on our relationship because things were so great between us. I decided to enjoy each moment and not worry about timelines. I prayed about it and let it go. The proposal was a beautiful evening with dinner on the beach right after sunset, he proposed in the form of my favorite dessert, the cake said: “Will you marry me!” I felt instant surprise and joy, a feeling I will never forget.

It is a beautiful round cut diamond with a platinum gold band. I know little about weight, clarity, etc… I just know that it looks good on me :)Wes shopped at Rice Village Diamonds; they are so awesome over there! If anyone is looking, go by and ask for our friend Ron Manor! He will take care of you!

Special Thanks

Buffalo Bayou Park
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