Mayra and Jason

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How We Met

I (Jason Pinkston) found Mayra on Ok Cupid, an online dating website. From the moment we exchanged phone numbers we could not stop talking to each other. We met in person on February 15, 2014 at BJs Restaurant in Orange. I showed up with a bottle of wine and chocolates as a gift. Mayra made me a card and gave me some sour patches. After our first date, we decided to go on a 2nd Date. I took Mayra to the oldest part of Los Angeles on February 22nd, 2014. I took Mayra to Olvera Street where we explored little shops and ate dinner at La Golondrina Café. Mayra loved the margaritas that the restaurant made. After dinner, I drove to Hollywood and took Mayra to Amoeba records; one of the few places left in California that sell Vinyl and Cd’s. Mayra picked out her favorite artist Rihanna and I bought a couple vinyl records to add to my music collection.

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We both listened to the new CD on the way up the hill to the final stop of the night at The Griffith Observatory. The Griffith over looks the city and is very romantic. This where Mayra and I exchanged our first kiss. With laughter, friendship, and excitement, we both knew this was the beginning to something special. On March 29th, 2014 we went to Riverside for a relaxing and romantic getaway. I asked Mayra to be my girlfriend.

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Mayra accepted and we began our journey as a couple. Over the past three years we have gotten to know one another’s family and friends. We have both made great memories at family parties, Rihanna concerts, Dodger games, trips to Big Bear, Vegas trips, Japan, trips to national parks, and movie dates to name a few. We are both excited to create new memories as husband and wife and open a new chapter with family and friends on July 15, 2017.

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how they asked

On August 27th, 2016, I (Jason Pinkston) asked Mayra Vidrios to marry me!!!! Mayra and I have been dating for 3 years now, and the wedding is set for July 15th, 2017. We first met online back in 2014 on OkCupid and I decided that I wanted to do something unique for our engagement. I planned the big day with the help of Mayra’s Matron of Honor. I first went down to my Southern Cali local Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store and picked out a ring with the help of the sales rep Olivia Tagle. After the ring was picked, I got to work and planned the big day filled with surprises. I was trying to think of a unique way to make this event believable without spoiling the surprise. Since Mayra and her Matron of Honor Elida are both close friends, Elida told Mayra that she won an online radio sweepstakes that would take her and all her close girlfriends around town in a limo by AFG Luxor Limo & Sedan Service. This would include: brunch, a mini shopping spree with a dress and makeup done, “a photo shoot at the beach”, and a girls night out at the club. All of the girls were notified of the real event that was taking place. The night before the engagement, I got out of work late, but played the part and told Mayra that I had to be at work early in the morning.

I got up and got dressed for work so she wouldn’t suspect anything. I then went and ran errands all day to make sure the event would be a success. The limo picked up the girls and took them to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (Orange, CA) restaurant for brunch, which was the first place where Mayra and I met. After brunch, the limo took the girls for a quick stop to Newport Beach. To make the event more believable, the girls were told they would have to take pictures at certain destinations for promotional purposes. At Newport, the girls had a message in a bottle planted in the water and they “found” the bottle and made Mayra read the message. The sheet in the bottle was a half sheet of the speech that I would later give at the proposal site. The girls played it off as if it was a message in a bottle for a random person that was missing information. Newport Beach is a special destination for my fiancée and I, as this is where Mayra took me for a Gondola ride for my birthday. After the beach, Mayra and the girls went to Macy’s to pick out a dress and MAC Cosmetics to get her makeup done. The girls traveled back home to change and then headed out to Treasure Island Beach at Laguna Beach, CA.

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When they arrived, they walked down the cove and heard Frequency A cappella, an A Capella group serenaded Mayra with a version of John Legend’s Tonight. This song is significant because this is the song we slow danced to when I asked Mayra to be my girlfriend. At the end of the cove, family and friends were all waiting for Mayra to welcome her at the proposal. I gave my speech and we are now engaged!!!! We followed up the night with a BBQ with family and friends as well as a night out on the town with dancing. Special Thanks to: Frequency A cappella AFG Luxor Limo & Sedan Service Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store (Fullerton). Link to Jason and Mayra’s Engagement Mix.

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