Mayra and Hector

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How We Met

I guess when it’s your time, it’s literally your time! My fiance name is Hector and we met in Peru in 2016. My sister and I decided to do the 4-day hike to Machu Picchu, of course not thinking that I was going to meet my future husband at that time. On September 13, 2016, my sister and I embarked on our little adventure, all we were aware of was the long hours of hiking ahead of us and also the extra activities we were going to do, like mountain biking, water rafting, and zip lining. Of course, we were both excited and scared at the same time. The day before we began our adventure, we were told two additional guys got added to our 4-day tour. Me being the paranoid sister started to question if this hike was going to be safe. I mean, come on!… two girls hiking with three strangers for four days in the middle of no where in Peru.

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I was already picturing the newspaper headlines and our pictures on the news stating ” two girls gone missing!” My sister, on the other hand, didn’t think too much of it. The big day comes and we got picked up in a white van, inside there were the two guys that got added on our tour. Not thinking anything of it, we said hi to each other and my sister and I sat on the back row of the van. We made a quick stop, we all got out and introduced each other. The first question was where are you from, my sister and I said, California and both of the guys said us too! Second questions was what part of California? we answered, southern California. They answered us too! Do you know the 405 freeway? Orange County area? -my sister asked. They said yes,” you know where Pomona is? Los Angeles? my sister and I answered yes! 1 minute into trying to investigate where we were all from, to our surprise we only lived 30 mins away from each other!

Mayra and Hector 's Engagement in Disneyland

What a small world, we thoughts since other tour groups that were around us were full of Europeans and they were groups of 10 or more. But not our group we were only 4. Not going to lie and say that we all hit it off very well and that it was all butterflies and rose, nope! Just imagine hiking for 4 days, no hot water, living off your backpack, believe me, it was a challenge. Did I think I was going to meet my ONE? absolutely not. I looked like a mess and probably smelled even worst. But guess what! I did! One of the guys on our tour was my future husband!! But I didn’t know that and even though he claims he felt something right when I got in the white van, I truly couldn’t believe it. All four of us became great friends! even though we bumped heads throughout the hike!

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The hike ended and my sister and I returned to reunite with our family in Peru since we were also visiting family back in our home town. We kept in contact with the guys from the tour via social media. We, later on, decided to reunite in Lima to have our last dinner together before coming back to the States. I left with a bitter taste in my mouth just with the thought that this was probably going to be the last time we were going to see each other. Little did I know I was starting to like one of the guys in the tour. Like who really keeps in contact with friends that they make overseas?? Well, we did! two weeks after the four of use reunited back in the States and had dinner and went out dancing. That’s where it all started. Long story short Hector and I started dating from November till February, we became boyfriend and girlfriend in February 2017.

He asked me to be his girlfriend inside the sleeping beauty castle. Side note I love Disney!! What is truly special about our relationship is that while my sister and I were on the hike, my dad was battling stage four cancer. So letting someone inside my heart was extremely hard. I was very dedicated to my dads well being and his care. I only wished Hector would spend more time with my dad. He did get to be with him for 5 months. My dad passed away in May 2017. My dad and I were extremely close, he was my best friend, when I was single before my trip to Peru I would joke around with him and tell him I will forever be single, and he would say ” I won’t leave you alone, the right man is coming. Before Hector asked me to be his girlfriend, He took my parents out to dinner and ask if it would be ok to make me his girlfriend. My dad started crying since I think he felt it in his heart. My dad loved Hector in such a short time. Shortly after my dad started feeling worst day by day. How I would give anything to have my dad walk me down the aisle on my big day.

How They Asked

On December 22nd, 2018, Hector words were, ” inside this castle I made you my princess, now outside this castle, I’m asking if you could become queen!!( he called me by my full name) and said the magical words, would you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me? He used a gold rose to hold the ring since I love beauty and the beast.

Now we are 1.5 months engaged and I can’t 4-day promise that if you four-day day hike you will meet prince charming but if you pray hard enough God will answer all your prayers and the perfect man for you will come your way. Just like my prayers were answered!