Mayra and Eric

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How We Met

My now fiancé and I are high school sweethearts. We met the summer before our senior year of high school as he was the captain of the football team and i was a cheerleader. I know, typical movie storyline. My family and my fiancés family have know each other for years but my fiancé and i never crossed paths until our senior year. My fiancés mother would always ask me if i knew her son Eric L. and i always gave her a blank stare as I constantly repeated “no, I do not know Eric”. It was not until one summer day during cheer squad practice, all the football players were heading to the weight room when I heard someone yell “Eric L”… I turned and approached the famous Eric that his mother would always ask about. I introduced myself to him and that night he found me on social media… the rest is history!

how they asked


One of the biggest things Eric and I share are being Angels baseball fans. On September 10th, 2016, we had the amazing opportunity to be sitting behind the pitchers mound at the Angels Stadium Diamond club section. We took many pictures & had a few drinks as we both yelled out our favorite players names. Let’s not forget our waitress that attended us at our seats (so cool). During the 6th inning of the game:
Eric- I have to go to the bathroom
Me: me too
(We both exited the restroom)
Eric: Do you want to take a shot
Me: (random thought) Yeesss (Drank our shots and walked out of the club bar into the patio that sat behind our seating area. As we walked…..)
Eric: Look to the top (pointed to the section above us) do you see those signs?
Me: NO! i see the signs but cannot read them.
Eric: You don’t see them… here (hands me binoculars)
( I see the signs… i feel Eric move away from me… my hear stops as i read “WILL YOU MARRY ME”… I dont want to turn.. i see around me ppl have stopped to look. As i turn, i see… I see the man of my dreams on one knee with the most beautiful ring.
Me: “you really doing this right now” ( i know, but i didn’t know how to react)
Eric: Mayra, Marry me… Will you please marry me
(My heart skips 584736 beats… i look at his nervous stare as tears roll down my cheeks) I nod yes, with my hand over my mouth… I grab him and hug him TIGHT
Me: yes, yes!!!! (Puts the ring on my finger.. i then kiss him as tears continue to roll.. we catch our breaths and turn forward.
Me: Who is that ( as i point to a man standing to the right of me)
Eric: he is our photographer. I remember you once said that an engagement should always be memorable.
Me: who is holding the signs?
Eric: walk with me
(As we walk out of the club section towards the section above us, i overwhelmed him with questions.. he ignored them all)
Eric: Surprise!! (I look to my right to see my sign holders: My parents, his parents, my grandparents and Son) I tear up again as i see my amazing family being a part of this extraordinary memory…. (We walk to the car)
Eric: You are the most amazing, perfect person for me and DAMMIT do i #love you.. Me: you are making me cry again… thank you sooo much for this.
Eric: This is only the beginning

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