Mayra and Carlos

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How We Met

It all began on October, 2015 when my friend and I agreed to go out for a drink before her trip to Germany. She picked me up and we were on our way to a local bar. We walked in, sat down by the bar and Carlos and his friend sat across from us. Through cocktails and laughs the night was quickly about to end when all of a sudden I felt someone standing next to me. I turned to look and Carlos began talking to me. He asked me to take his number afraid I was going to fake number him. The following day we talked for hours, we quickly realized that we couldn’t be anymore perfect for each other!

how they asked

It was a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day when Carlos said that he had made reservations for an early Valentine’s Day dinner. He chose a gorgeous restaurant with a view of the city and the bay. The day of our reservation finally came and Carlos couldn’t have been anymore nervous! We got to the restaurant, the hostess sat us at a table that overlooked the city. After dinner, we took a stroll around the pool and admired the beautiful view of the bay. Not long after, Carlos was telling me he wasn’t “feeling well” and wanted to go home. He seemed to be in a huge rush to get home as I’ve never seen him drive that fast before! We parked our car and walked to our building. When he opened our apartment door, there were candles everywhere I looked. Rose petals made a pathway to our bedroom door and Michael Buble was playing in the background. Up to this point I thought he had done this to end our early Valentine’s Day dinner in a romantic way. He took me to our bedroom, and I took a quick glance at our bed, which at first I thought it said I Love You. I took a second look and it very much said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” He was on one knee had a rose in one hand, he pulled the ring out of the rose and asked me with a huge smile on his face “Will you marry me?” I don’t think I could of said YES fast enough! I was so confused as to who came into our apartment and decorated. He told me both of our families were downstairs and that they had been decorating while we were at dinner. It meant so much to us that our families got together to make that night fall nothing short than perfect. My cheeks were hurting all night from the smile I couldn’t wipe off my face! We strongly believe that God has blessed us in muiltiple ways with a strong and healthy relationship. He continues to bless us with the wedding that we’ve always dreamed of and for that we give thanks to Him because none of this would of been possible without Him. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)


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