Mayci and Jacob

How We Met

I am a single mom of a son who did not have a father. His biological father passed away in a car accident when I was 13 weeks pregnant. So finding love after going through an experience like that seemed close to impossible. I decided to go back to college and finish my degree so that I can hopefully use it to make a living for my son and I. My best friend and I were at a party when she met (my now) fiance first. I was getting the car while she was still in the party waiting for me to pull up, and she told me about this amazing guy she met.

She started hanging out with him for a couple weeks and really liked him until college semester ended and so did their fling. Summer came and he ended up working ten minutes from my house. We ended up hanging out just as friends, and my friend was completely fine with it. We kept it completely friends for a couple months until it was noticeable that there was something else there.

He was so amazing with my son and he was there for all of his milestones such as his first steps. We had an unexpected, but undeniable love. His love for me and my son was so beautiful. I never thought I could fall in love again after everything I had been through, and he completely swept me off my feet. We dated for 15 months before he proposed.

how they asked

He planned our proposal for a month before he asked. He reached out to a photographer/ videographer couple duo who have done photos of us before for a styled shoot. He told her to ask me to do a contracted “fancy style engagement” photoshoot for her and her husband. In return she would give me $200.00 to pick out an outfit and shoes as well as get my hair and makeup professionally done. All of this was my fiance’s idea and he paid for everything in advance without me knowing. My fiance, son and I got to the location for the photoshoot and started taking photos. After twenty minutes she asked if we could sit on a blanket with my son and read him this book she brought. My fiance told me to read it out loud. After flipping through five pages and reading it out loud, I started to realize that the pictures and the story of the book seemed familiar. It was about us. He wrote a twenty-five-page book on all of the things he loves about me and my son. At the end it said “Now it is time for your happily ever after.”

He told me to stand up and he continued on with all the things he loves about me and why he wants to marry me. And how he wants to be a family forever. Then he asked! It was the easiest question I have ever been asked. After he proposed and we took more photos we went to a restaurant where he had both of our families there waiting. Another surprise since he secretly flew everyone in so that we could all celebrate together. My fiance found me at a time when I was broken and vulnerable and he made me whole. He is the most self-less, kind and caring person I know. I could not picture a better husband and father.

Our Video

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