Maya and Leraan

How We Met

We met in a nightclub 5 years ago through my best friend who is Leraan’s sister in law since last year. That day we talked, there was a bit of a connection. Since that day we spent time for a month straight in Israel. Leraan went back to the states and I went on a trip with my girls month later. We spent time while I was on vacation, but it all came to an end as I continued my trip.

4 years later Leraan and I ended our relationships with the other we were dating. I went to visit my best friend in San Diego because I was tired of being alone. Leraan came there to visit and since day 1 we have been together again.

how they asked

We stayed at a beautiful hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv. Leraan took me to breakfast one morning. We really took our time. While at breakfast, my good friend and Leraan’s good friend who is a photographer met and decorated the entire room. Leraan had them decorate the entire room with candles and big signs that say MARRY ME (filled with flowers). It was breathtaking. I was in shock and had no idea this was going to happen. I didn’t even realize it was my friend standing there till the end.