Maya and John

How We Met

So the very first time John & I met was after one of my soccer games, he came up to me and told me I was the best one on the team….it all fell into place after that. I remember the next night he took me out to get ice cream from Sonic and we sat in the car for 2 hours just talking. He was soooo goofy & I remember going to hang out with my friends after and I was so giddy. I could not stop smiling, he was something special!!

How They Asked

Bree (our photographer) approached me at church one night & asked if I would be interested in helping them rebrand their website! Of course, I said yes because what girl doesn’t love getting their pictures done?

Where to Propose in Springfield, MO

So we went to two different places and did pictures, and as we are walking up to the third place, I saw a sign that said “Marry Me?” with blankets on the ground & candles surrounding it. It couldn’t have been more perfect! (And of course, I said yes)

Maya and John's Engagement in Springfield, MO

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Springfield, MO

Proposal Ideas Springfield, MO

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Springfield, MO

Special Thanks

O'Bryan Photography
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