May and Mauricio

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How We Met

Mauricio and I met in the summer of 2015 in Santiago, Chile. I was there for a summer research internship, and Mauricio was working at his first job after graduating from his master’s program. We met while we were both out dancing with some friends. We exchanged numbers that night and met up for coffee the next day.

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After that initial coffee date, we saw each other almost every day for the rest of the summer until I had to return to the States. What started out as a fun summer fling turned into a long distance (international) relationship. Three and a half years later, we are now engaged!!

How They Asked

It was my last free weekend before starting clinical rotations. We wanted to take advantage of it so we drove from Seattle to Portland for a day trip. We explored little boutiques, cute cafes, and enjoyed the sunny, spring weather. On the drive back, I was studying in the car (naturally), so I didn’t notice that Mauricio was actually taking me to an unknown location until about 40 minutes into the drive.

When I finally noticed, he told me he wanted to watch the sunset. I was surprised but also excited to watch the sunset. We walked up this hill to a cliff that overlooked a beautiful lake. It was very peaceful, and I loved it. What happened next was a bit blurry because I think I blacked out, but there were tears and Mauricio got down on one knee.

Special Thanks

Marissa Solini
 | Photographer