May and Jay

How We Met

We have a friend in common, Jenny. She was friends with May from high school and then befriended me in College. Jenny only introduced me to May near the end of the first semester, but the moment I saw her I was attracted to her immediately. During the second semester, it’s when I really started talking to her and trying to get to know her.

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how they asked

I knew I wanted to propose May but honestly didn’t know how to. Saw so many videos of very original ideas and ways of proposing. The one that stuck to my head was a proposal during a flash mob. As I was planning that, I realized that although I wanted to make that a grandiose moment, May would’ve preferred an intimate moment. So I decided to retract myself from that idea.

During the same time of this madness in my head, we were planning a trip to Greece. That’s when it clicked me that I need to do it with the sunset of the beautiful Santorini. It didn’t matter how or when, but it will be at the sunset.

Funny enough, that day we had prepared a long excursion with a boat trip, followed by a hike on the volcano, then hot spring and then another hike in the sun of Santorini for 400 steps.

I can confirm that we were not at our best at the end of the day, but I had planned this and we weren’t coming back.

We are both watching the sunset, May in front of me in my arms. We watched it until the end. As everyone was leaving, I reached out to my bag to make sure the ring was there and took it out. While I was looking at the ring without May noticing it, an old man looks at me and gives me a thumb up, I felt it was a sign. So we decided to stay and take our time. There was a little wall and we both decided to sit and rest a bit. As we were enjoying the moment, I was about to go on my knees and pop the question. May realizing that, refused to see me on my knees as she didn’t want to get any attention, she repeated many times “Please please don’t go on your knees”. So we were sitting next to each other, one in the arms of the other and I said “you charmed me and mesmerized me when we met and continue to do so until today. I would like this to continue forever. will you marry me?”

To which she said “yessss! we gotta tell everyone!” Little did she know that before proposing her I had asked for her hand to her parents and the blessings of my parents before going on the trip.

Three years later as we were planning our wedding, there was an add on Facebook by Jeremy, an amazing photographer, looking for a couple for a photoshoot. We decided to apply as we were looking for a photographer for our wedding and this could have been a trial. Surprisingly, Jeremy’s photoshoot plan was about a proposal. He worked with our wedding planner, Le Coeur Bohème, as he was part of the team and they created the most beautiful setup which allowed me to propose May again, but this time on my knees! He really captured the perfect moment as you can see on the photographs.

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