Maxine and Sean

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How We Met

Sean and I met at a TV station in Salisbury, Maryland. We started working there as reporters in just weeks of each other.

It didn’t take long until we started hanging out. I would ask him to come over and hang pictures and fix little things around my apartment. Of course it was just an excuse to see him.

Soon enough we were in love, moved in together and the rest was history.

Just this year Sean got a job in Tampa, Florida. I followed him to Florida and got a job on the East Coast. We’re doing long distance right now but make sure to see each other every weekend.

how they asked

Sean and I had both just wrapped up a very long week of work reporting on Hurricane Irma for the TV stations we work for in Florida. We were stressed. We were beyond tired. We hadn’t seen each other in two weeks. Luckily we had a trip to Cape May, New Jersey planned to spend a few days with both of our families to celebrate Sean’s 30th birthday which was in August.

Sean had flown home the night before me. When he picked me up from the airport I finally felt my stress go away. We spent the day hanging out with our families in beautiful Cape May.

That night we went to his grandmothers house along the beach for dinner. After we finished up a huge Italian feast Sean’s mother asked me to take Sean down to the beach so they could decorate the house for him for his birthday. At this time I suspected nothing. So, I asked Sean to head down to the beach with me and he told me he didn’t want to go. I lied and said it’s important we need to talk. That got him to come. Once we got down to the beach he pretended to be a little mad and concerned that I said we needed to talk. Little did I know this was all a rouge. At that moment I put my hand on his chest and his heart was beating so fast I asked him what was wrong.

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He said nothing but went on to give me a beautiful speech about how much he loved me. It wasn’t until I looked up along the dunes and saw his father who happens to be a professional photographer with a giant camera. It was then I realized what was happening. Sean was proposing. He got down on one knee right there on the beach at sunset, perfectly timed out. I said yes and his family and mine all game running down to the beach with champagne to celebrate.

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There was never a 30th birthday party. The entire weekend was planned for our engagement.

It was so special and I’m so glad my family got to be a part of it. It was the first time I was ever surprised. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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Special Thanks

Bill Streicher
 | Photographer