Maxine and Jorge

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Savannah, Georgia

How We Met

Jorge & I met in high school. We’d always had a crush on one another but nothing ever came of it. We stayed friends through college and eventually, we both moved back home. When we started hanging out more regularly, our friendship turned into a much anticipated relationship. We went to our 5-year HS reunion together and the next morning, waking up at my mom’s house, he asked if I’d be his girlfriend.

how they asked

Nearing our 6 year anniversary, Jorge put a hang-man style clue on our kitchen calendar dated September 30th, 2017 with eight blank spaces. I noticed it about a week out with only the letter “v” filled in, in the 3rd space. After a couple days of negotiating, I convinced him to give me a letter a day, filling in the blanks, leading up to the 30th. With only 3 letters filled in, I spent probably longer than I should have that day trying to figure out what the word could be but he promised I’d know as soon as I got home from work. When I got home, I couldn’t make it through the door fast enough and I ran straight for the calendar. It was filled in with “Savannah” and instructed me to pack my bag! We were leaving the next morning. I’d been dying to visit and I was so excited that I panic packed. (A term I’ve coined to describe the frantic nature with which I threw everything into my luggage!) We arrived early the next morning and spent the day strolling around Savannah, having brunch and waiting to check in to our hotel, The Marshall House. After dinner that night, we laughed about how we’re “getting old” and both wanted to turn in for the night. The next morning, Jorge and I were slowly waking up when he told me that 6 years earlier, asking me to be his girlfriend was the best decision he’d ever made. Then he asked if I’d marry him. He quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed the ring and got down on one knee. I cried (duh!) and said yes. A million times, yes.

Maxine and Jorge's Engagement in Savannah, Georgia