Maxine and Fisher

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How We Met

Fisher is the quiet mysterious guy in a suit with the trendy hipster glasses. I’m the goofy extrovert who collects candles and tears up when I see adorable tiny humans (search “cute aggression” it’s a thing, I promise).

In Summer 2012, I checked Fisher and his parents into New Student Orientation with the biggest butterflies in my stomach. As I gave them the tour of our 2-story college in Lower Manhattan, all I could think about was how suave this guys was. I mean his name was Fisher, c’mon! I kept my crush a secret until one day I noticed Fisher sitting in the front row of my politics class. So nervous, I sat a few rows behind him so he couldn’t see me. That night, I went home and told my roommates that the charming dapper guy from orientation was in my class and that I didn’t know what to do, but I refused to tell them who he was.
A few weeks later I was working at the Student Services desk at school and Fisher walked by. I shyly said hi and complimented his new glasses. He thanked me and walked away. Swiftly, I asked him if he wanted to join my politics study group that weekend and told him we were going to prepare for the midterm. Fortunately, he accepted! Unfortunately, I made up the study group on a whim and needed to quickly organize one so I didn’t look like a complete idiot! Thankfully, my friends had my back and gladly participated in the “study group” that weekend. After a few hours of studying, everyone left, including Fisher. Instantly, my roommates began to chat about the super cute guy in the glasses. At the point, I finally revealed my secret and told them Fisher was my crush!

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The next week, Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. All the male students were assigned to stay at the female apartments due to the harsh weather conditions in their neighborhood. Somehow – someway – Fisher was assigned to my room! We passed time by making pumpkin pancakes and watched The Perfect Storm (fitting, right?). We learned that we were both from California. Him from a farm and me from a beach town. We also learned that we were both Middle Eastern and came from large families. Once the storm passed, we started visiting jazz clubs and cool restaurants in the city.

A few months later, Fisher finally asked me to be his girl friend, and the rest was history. Over the course of 3 years, Fisher and I had accomplished a lot. He went off and studied at Oxford University (did I mention I am marrying a nerd?) and I co-founded a weddings + events planning company called Willow & Wine! As a wedding planner, I constantly talk wedding talk. What can I say? I LOVE love! So all our friends and family were impatiently awaiting the day Fisher and I would finally get hitched.

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how they asked

I was out of town for a wedding and caught arguably the worst flight back into the city. It was 3 AM Monday morning and I had finally made it back to my apartment in Park Slope. Fish had asked me a few days earlier if we could go out to eat on Monday and see this amazing jazz band. Although I was exhausted, I agreed, and after work him and I took the train up to Midtown, Manhattan.
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As we got off the train, Fish and I started walking into Madison Square Park. It was raining pretty hard and I was in a dress so I asked, “where’s the restaurant?” He calmly replied, “back there,” and kept walking. Freezing and confused, I glanced up at him and he turned to me. He had this huge goofy grin on. I asked him, “what are you doing, Fish?” Before I could get another word in, he grabbed my hands and told me he loved me. He reminisced on some of our finest memories and started quoting C.S. Lewis’ Four Loves. As he told me how he was confident that God put us in eachothers’ lives because he believed we were eachothers’ greatest lesson, he got down on one knee. I was like a little girl on Christmas morning and could not stop jumping!
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Instead of going to the jazz restaurant, Fish had actually made reservations at our favorite Armenian restaurant, Almayas. We go there every year for Valentine’s Day, but couldn’t this year because I had a wedding. It was so special and romantic. After dinner, Fish had told us we were headed to one of my favorites bars in Brooklyn, Union Hall, to meet up with my best friend and her husband. As we walked into the bar, we were welcomed with the loudest cheer! Fish had reserved the entire bar and planned a surprise engagement party with over 50 of my closest friends! A lot of drinks were had and memories were made. It was truly the best night of my life!
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Special Thanks

Willow & Wine
 | Engagement Party Planning
Geoffrey Doering
 | Photographer