Maximilian and Wânia

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How We Met

We got to know each other through her two sons I was doing training with. I tried to get in contact with them, which took quite a long. One day I asked one of her sons if he thinks she would say yes if would ask. His answer: “Yes, but not now.”

After a few months of dating, I did customize the engagement ring. When it was done, I was carrying it with me for about three months. When we were on a yoga retreat in Greece I didn‘t plan to propose, but everything seemed to be the perfect moment. So I got down to my room, took the ring in my pocket, and went off to our little photoshoot on the hotel rooftop.

Everything was perfect. She didn’t think about it at all, because it wasn‘t planned so I wasn‘t nervous before. That‘s why she was so surprised because she didn‘t see it coming.

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How They Asked

When we were on a yoga retreat, there was a rooftop photoshoot for everyone.

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