Max and John

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How We Met

John & I both grew up around the motocross industry and our paths crossed multiple times but we never actually met. After he threw me a follow on Instagram and Snapchat there was some shameless likes back and forth for months, which eventually led to a Snapchat DM. BUT, then John didn’t save my number. This is where it got interesting.

A week later he DMs me again on Snapchat to say that he hopes I wasn’t waiting for him to text me because he accidentally didn’t save the number. I replied by informing him that I do not wait around on any boys. After a little groveling I gave him my number again….however I left off the last digit.

After texting “Hi Max” to all 1-9 digits he got a reply from me.

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how they asked

On December 27, 2015 I woke up thinking it was going to be another beautiful beach day with my family and boyfriend…little did I know it was the day I was going to be proposed to by my best friend/boyfriend, John.

Earlier in the week my Aunt and Mame (my grandma) called me and told me we were going to do family pictures on the 27th on the beach. We did family pictures every year around this time and I didn’t think twice about.

Now on the 27th my Aunt told us we had to be ready at 3pm. I of course was running behind and John was rushing me. I was confused as to why he was so concerned I be ready on time. (Little did I know he needed to get me out of the house so the photographer and family could set-up.) After I am dressed and ready John tells me he forgot deodorant and needs me to go to the store with him. After asking every one of my family members to lend John deodorant with no success, I agree to go to the store with him. John continues to tell me he doesn’t feel well and needs medicine.

While we are at the store my Aunt is texting me “Did he really need to go to the store now??” and “Hurry up we are sweating and waiting on the beach.”

Now we are on our way back to the house and I am rushing thinking we are making my family wait! Getting back to the house I said there was no time for pit stops! I made John rush down to the beach.

As we walked down John started to calm down. When we reached the end of the dock to meet the beach there was a trail of roses. Here was where John informed me he felt fine and I realized this was actually going to happen.

As we reached the opening on the beach there was a heart made out of seashells and inside the heart spelled out in shells was “Will you marry me.”

The moment was perfect…John had arranged for a videographer and photographer. John said all the right things (little did he know everything he said was making me even more reassured that this was the best decision I could make.)

Then it happened…he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After a “Yes” filled with happy tears, the beach erupted in cheers from my family who had been watching from our home’s balcony the whole time.

It was the perfect moment, proposal, and guy.

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Special Thanks

Nathaniel Harrington
 | Photography/Video
Aunt Chel
 | Help Planning
Sarah Shymske & Cade Clason
 | SeaShell Duty