Maurie and Jordan

Maurie and Jordan's Engagement in Safe Co. field Seattle, Washington

How They Asked

Jordan arranged for Enchant, a Christmas light maze with millions of beautiful Christmas lights and decorations that are set up on Safe Co. field – home of the Seattle Mariners. (A baseball field -this man knows and loves me) Anyway, he arranged for it to be opened to us before the public so it was just us two. The guy over enchant is giving us the “Vip tour” is what I’m thinking as he’s leading us in. He stops in the middle of this beautiful winter wonderland, I’m looking around at all these amazing lights, I turn around and Jordan points up… To a jumbotron that reads “will you marry me?” Shock.

Then he’s down on one knee saying the most tear-jerking words of my life. (I’m a hot mess at this point) I can’t even see the ring through the tears lol. Looking back, I don’t even know how, because this thing is an absolute rock I obviously say yes and jump into his arms (wish my legs could fit all the way around him ) happiest girl in the world…. then surprise number two.

My mom comes running around from behind some Christmas lit bushes lol. I run to her and I’m now, again, a whole other level of a blubbering mess lol. He flew my parents out to witness the whole thing and to be there with us. He thought of everything. We finished the night off with 1 million pics and a romantic dinner on the water. Truly a night I will never forget. Can’t wait to marry this dreamy cave like man lol.

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