Maureen and Michael

Proposal Ideas Long Beach Island, NJ

How We Met

Mike and I met on the dating app, Bumble in June 2018. The reason I swiped right was because of course he was very handsome, but we actually went to the same college, The University of Scranton. We were 2 years a part in school but unfortunately never crossed paths in the Electric City. I had a feeling we would hit it off coming from the same school and both living in the tri state area. We texted for a few days and then made a plan to go on a date the following Wednesday. We were both too excited to meet and ended up starting our date a night earlier. On my way to meet him at the Belfry in NYC he texted me asking what I’d like to drink – I said the same as him (gin and tonic) with extra limes. I get to the bar and the entire brim of my glass was filled with limes. We had an amazing night getting to know each other and were basically inseparable from that day on.

How They Asked

I’ve been going to Long Beach Island for almost my whole life and it has a very special place in my heart. Mike and I luckily got to have a weekend alone down at my parents house in August but I had no idea what the weekend had in store. All day Saturday August 17th we relaxed on the beach and Mike was acting strange all day but I had no idea why. We went down to the beach around sunset to have some prosecco and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Right after we popped the prosecco Mike brought me closer to the ocean and got down on one knee and of course I said yes! We spent the next few hours on the beach enjoying the most amazing engagement I could’ve asked for – just us 2. The next day Mike surprised me at my parent’s house with my both of our families to celebrate together. I’m usually quite the detective and I can’t believe he pulled off so many surprises without me finding out anything!