Maureen and Mel

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how we met

Mel: From the moment we met, I was instantly attracted to Maureen’s smile, personality and genuine laugh (I guess she thought I was funny… or maybe that’s all she could do since I did most of the talking). After we formally introduced ourselves, I remember the first thing I said to her was, “You have a beautiful smile by the way”. She probably won’t believe this, but Maureen is the only girl I’ve instantly tried to hit on multiple times despite our short first encounter. A minute and 30 seconds went by so fast, the next thing I heard was the event organizer shouting, “Next!” T_T

Despite grabbing my full attention, I actually forgot her name after that crazy speed dating round. I even went to the sign-up list right after the event to see if I could recall anything but my short term memory failed me once again. I did not have the nerve to go talk to her after due to my fears of getting rejected and since she was too busy getting hit on by other guys. #literally

After failing to find her on Facebook (she had deactivated her account), I luckily found her through online Potpourri (LLU student database). As they say, “desperate times call for desperate measures”. I prayed about what I should do next before asking Melisa Ramos, a classmate of hers, to drop a card along with some Ferrero Rocher chocolates to her school mailbox for me. In the card, I left my cellphone number and asked her out with Random Haiku #1:

We only met once
So I’d like to take you out
How does boba sound?

Maureen replied with a haiku of her own (it was meant to be!) and we met again on 3/10/15 at Loma Linda’s Boba Tea House for what she calls, “Speed Dating Part 2.”

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Maureen: I convinced Megan (one of my bridesmaids) to come with me and sign up for the speed dating event. Since it was our last year of nursing school, I thought it would be best to make the most of our time at LLU. I did not have any high expectations nor was I expecting anything to happen. I just wanted to meet new people and make friends. As I sat on one of the sofas, I reassured myself to just have fun and be me.

After talking to a few guys, he sat across from me. He told me I had a beautiful smile and our short conversation left a huge yet subtle impression. I thought to myself, “Wow, he seems like a really cool guy.” Who knew that cool guy I met at the speed dating event would eventually become my future husband.

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how they asked

A couple of days before going to Reno for Ate Elaine’s “Boards celebration/Maxi dress party” (lie), I developed an eye infection (aka: a stye). It bothered me to the point where I texted Mel and said, “Hey…so I’ve been thinking, if my eye doesn’t heal then I don’t think I can go this weekend. I don’t want it to worsen. :/ Sorry!”

Mel’s response was, “I’d love for you to come to Tahoe, but I don’t want your eye to keep bothering you too much either and have you come but not enjoy the trip.”

Fast forward to Friday evening, I did go (Mel says: Obviously) and I’m happy I did. Saturday afternoon came and Francis helped Mel load the kayaks. I was hesitant to wear the maxi dress Ate Elaine bought for me but I didn’t want to disappoint her. Mel introduced me to Roman Hartze, who they said was a film student (another lie). At this point, I wanted to be at the lake already since I was the only girl present at that time.

We finally arrived at Sand Harbor beach after getting “lost” for quite some time (more lies). Unfortunately, we had to drag the kayaks a couple hundred feet or so to where we were supposed to meet everyone. In the process, one of Mel’s brilliant ideas backfired when he and his uncle tried to drag one of the kayaks across the water but it tipped over and got my whole purse wet including my wallet. It was at this moment that I got slightly suspicious as I realized Roman had started filming everything as soon as we arrived.

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As I hopped into one of the kayaks, Mel nervously jumped in and his fat a** tipped us both over… My dress got soaked and I was very cold as we kayaked over to the other side of the beach. As we got further out, Mel sighed and told me he wanted to watch the sunset with me (LIES!). A couple of minutes passed when I randomly found a “Zero degrees” bottle floating next to our kayak.

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Inside contained Mel’s Random Haiku #4 when he first asked me to be his girlfriend. As we got to the shore, I saw my family and friends. There was a hand written letter from my family and a note inside a lantern with the haiku below:

Random Haiku #30

Today we are here
This will be my last haiku
Will you marry me?

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Then Mel got down on one knee in the water while holding a cute white box… and the rest was history! Everything was perfect… except when I got wet.

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P.S. Mel has not stopped making his random haikus… (neverending LIES!)

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