Maureen and Matthew

How We Met

We first met 5 years ago through a friend at this funky punk bar in Chicago. We stayed chatting and getting to know each other all night until the bar closed down- which was 5 am! I told him I had to go back home to the suburbs but that he could visit me anytime. He was texting me immediately after we met asking when he would get to see me again. I told him anytime since I lived in the suburbs and it wasn’t that far. He was like okay now?

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I totally thought he was kidding so I was like yeah sure trying to play it off as a joke! He ended up coming all the way out to the suburbs a few hours later! I still lived with my parents at the time and when he said if he did not come out here to get in my pants but only to spend more time and get to know me I knew he was a good guy! Since he did come all the way out from the city I suggested a 24-hour diner Steak & Shake where we had our first date!

Proposal Ideas Harry Potter Warner Brother Studio Tour London/Leavesden

I was a commuter at DePaul University at the time so I was in the city a lot, and he would come out to visit me until I finally decided to move out. I lived alone for a year when he suggested moving into together. From there we traveled the world together and started a little family of pets. We had my dog already as one of the furbabies and we added a kitty brother together as well! We always planned our future life together and even bought our first starter home last year!

Maureen and Matthew's Engagement in Harry Potter Warner Brother Studio Tour London/Leavesden

how they asked

We talked about our 5 year anniversary since it was kind of a big number for us- we were 5 years apart but also I just turned the age he was when we first met. Since we did a trip to Europe our first year together we discussed it would be perfect our big 5-year again! When Warner Brother Leavesden, Harry Potter London was first announced I was always telling Matt that we have to go! He knew I was OBSESSED with Harry Potter like most people since it is such a beautiful book and movie series. I actually got him really into Harry Potter too since I suggested a marathon and he started watching some of the films without me! He was definitely hooked and truly understood its importance!

We both put the time to take off work in but he omitted lots of details until it was a week before we left because I was so confused if we were even going. So beforehand I sort of had a hunch of something going on. In London, we enjoy sight-seeing and exploring the first few days. But I remember thinking to myself “Hmm maybe I was just suspicious for no reason” We finally to the tour the day before we leave (which of course I was totally amazed and focused on seeing everything.)

He starts rushing me mid tour and I begin to get confused again and thinking how we’d only be here once we have to see EVERYTHING! haha, I am also a photographer so I would be slower to get all the good pics. We finally get to the end which was the Hogwarts model In its entirety. He asked me to stop taking photos for a second and I was like almost mad! I was like you’ve been rushing me what is wrong! He says he’s been wanting to ask me and tells me he loves me, then gets down on his knee to propose! Of course, I SAID YES! I was also crying because it was so beautiful and perfect!!

Special Thanks

Aleksandra Pavliuscenko
 | Photographer