Maura and Ryan

How We Met

We disagree on when we met. According to him we were 6 years old, to me it was 4th grade in orchestra. We grew up in the same hometown where everyone knew everyone. We both agree that we didn’t really get to know each other until sophomore year of high school though. We started hanging out when we met on the track team. We spent our time at track meets and with our group of friends. One sweet 16 was all it took to fall in love though. After a long day at at a track meet, cheering each other on, we went our separate ways to get ready for the party. Lucky for us there were not enough seats at our table. I offered to share my seat with him. We split the seat but spent most of the night on the dance floor. I can’t remember seeing anyone but Ryan that night. I was blinded by butterflies and excitement from that first dance to “4 minutes” by Madonna. When the party was coming to an end he nervously followed me out of the door. After stumbling over a few words he asked me if I would like to go out with him sometime. We had off from school on Monday and both got dropped off at the mall to go the a movie together. That Friday he invited a few friends over to his house. He brought me outside at the end of the night to talk. It was May 2nd 2008. This is where he asked me to be his girlfriend and sealed the deal with my very first kiss. We spent the rest of high school together, stayed together in a long distance relationship through 4 years of college and now we finally live together in our favorite city! Our long late night phone calls about having an apartment in Manhattan and living happily ever after have finally come our reality.

how they asked

Our 9 year anniversary was May 2nd 2017. It was a Tuesday so we went to dinner that night but decided to continue celebrating our anniversary and also his upcoming birthday on Saturday May 6th. I had secretly reached out to his friends to see if they could come surprise him for his birthday. I was disappointed when everyone said they were busy but a few of my friends were going to be in town and my sister was flying in from Texas so we had a fun weekend ahead of us. I planned to get brunch with everyone and spend the day celebrating Ryan! Once brunch was over Ryan’s brother gave him a call and Ryan said he had to go get something from him. Our other friends made up an excuse too and now it was just me and the girls left. I found it a little odd but I wasn’t worried because I told them where we were going and they said they would meet back up with us ASAP. The girls and I took the city by storm, we went shopping and went for a few drinks. Ryan did not answer my texts or calls but I updated him every step of the way. My friend Emma suggested we go to Brooklyn, there was one bar she always wanted to go to. So now we were on the subway to Brooklyn. Then she asked to get ice cream for dinner. I never say no to ice cream, plus my favorite ice cream parlor is in Brooklyn! What a coincidence in my mind but they were setting me up. They knew I would suggest we go to Ample Hills for ice cream. We headed that way and I was texting Ryan saying we are going to Ample Hills and he needs to come meet us so the birthday boy can have ice cream for dinner too. My sister suggest we show everyone the beautiful rooftop the ice cream parlor has. I am a practical person though and tell them that we get our ice cream downstairs and then we can go upstairs and enjoy our ice cream with the view. They insist we go up first and run ahead of me before I have a chance to stop them. I step out onto the rooftop behind them and freeze in my tracks. Standing in front of me are 25 faces that I know. Our family and our friends were all lined up of the roof and all eyes were on me. Behind all of them was Ryan. He came towards me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a big hug. I immediately realized how silly I was for not catching on sooner. Our Friends that had told me they were too busy to come into town this weekend stood beside us, our families and our siblings came from out of town. The people who have loved and supported us over the last 9 years stood there and watched as Ryan professed his love for me again, got down on one knee, and asked to spend forever together. After the most confident yes I have ever stated we spent the rest of the night on the rooftop having the best ice cream party of all time! Not only did he propose to me, he rented the entire space to celebrate our engagement! He had our favorite BBQ catered and the ice cream and champagne flowed all night. The only person surprised this day was me and it was truly the greatest surprise of all.

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