Maura and Matthew

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How We Met

We met my first day at a new high school, we had first period English together.

how they asked

He took me to Charleston, South Carolina, a trip I had known was coming. Every moment was a surprise from the moment we got there. We arrived on a Tuesday to a beautiful hotel, I had flowers addressed to me at the door, and spent our days eating, drinking, and enjoying the history and sunshine. Thursday was “adventure day”. We arrived at the Boone Plantation, which was used in filming “The Notebook.” I, being a huge Nicholas Sparks fan (and romantic sap) was beside myself. We toured the entire Plantation from the house, to the lake, to the butterfly sanctuary and more when he asked to go see the house one more time. We walked around the exterior of the house, and when we arrived at the front, he said “I’ve got one more surprise.” And I said YES! We just recently booked our venue. We’re getting married on our 10 year anniversary.