Maude and Ryan


How We Met

Ryan and I met through work two years ago. I never thought I would say this (seems cheesy) but the first time I saw him I knew something special was going to happen. We started dating shortly after and quickly feel in love with one another. Trips, projects, business ventures, our life together is now filled with so many adventures and I found the perfect man to be my team mate, my soul mate.

how they asked

Ryan opened is own firm this summer, in addition to me starting a bakery, so the least we can say is that we were very busy. August and September flew by and we didn’t see much of each other. Ryan had asked me to reserve my weekend of Oct 15th for a little couples getaway.

With all that was happening, I couldn’t imagine the surprise he had prepared for me. We were strolling in the historic old town of Québec (That’s in Canada :) ) and at 3 p.m sharp we arrived in front of the Château Frontenac and I turned around to find my handsome men with tears in his eyes.


He then told me that 2 years ago exactly at that moment is when we met for the first time and he knew that is life was about to change.


The rest is history as you can see on the paparazzi shot taken by the concierge of our hotel. We spend the most romantic weekend at Le Germain in Charlevoix. And the ring, custom made rose gold flower, dreamy.

Special Thanks