Mattie and Andrew

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How We Met

January 2015, new year… new beginnings for both of us. I was single for about 5 years before trying, I had been set up by friends and online dated using various free websites and went on lots of dates that didn’t go anywhere. So after multiple disappointments, I had a friend convince me I needed to try a site that I had to pay for because I would find someone that was looking for the same thing as me, a serious relationship.

In a cottage far, far up North somewhere a handsome snowmobiler saw a commercial for, that it was FREE to join… Polaris1212 had made a profile and was immediately frustrated he could not see the messages he was receiving so he decided to sign up for only 1 month and in that time he viewed my profile multiple times but did not send a message! I decided since he wasn’t going to make a move that I would send him a wink and the convo began. Andrew and I had plans to meet on a Thursday night but prior to the meeting we had been texting often and even spoke on the phone. The Tuesday night I asked Andrew what he had planned, he told me he was an honest guy and that he actually had a date. Even though we hadn’t met I felt a connection with him and he had every right to date other people but I couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. He told me that he would message me when he got home if it wasn’t too late.

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About 10:30 PM I received a text but I didn’t write back, I didn’t want to seem like I was waiting up. We had planned to meet Thursday but on Wednesday after work, I asked if he wanted to meet instead. After hours of great conversation, I felt lots of sparks and was hoping he would want to see me again. I fought him for the bill because I was hoping that would entice him to want to see me again. Things with Andrew felt so different than anything I was ever used to. There were NO games and NO questioning if he was interested. Soon after we decided to delete our Match accounts but before doing so he was interested in seeing the type of guys that he was in competition with. The moment he signed on his account to show me the girls that were available I recognized one, we had gone to elementary school together and grew up in the same small town. Andrew’s reply was “she was the date that Tuesday night” what a small world! Our relationship moved pretty quickly we met each other’s friends and family in the first few months, we spent every holiday together, attended a few weddings, funerals, cottage get-aways and birthdays. After we were official for 1 year Andrew and I flew the nest and got a place of our own where we have lived together for almost 2 Years and I couldn’t be happier!

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how they asked

On October 7, 2017, we were celebrating Thanksgiving with my fiancé’s family. His parents rented a cottage on Lake Huron for the weekend. We spent the morning at a farmers market shopping for fresh produce. In the afternoon, everyone was relaxing and enjoying their time away from home. I was inside finishing up some homework for my online Marketing course. At about 5 PM I went outside to see what everyone was up to. I asked Andrew if we could take a photo and had his mom taking (what I felt was a photo shoot, not realizing at the time she was the only one that knew what was about to happen). Andrew asked me to go down to the beach, he wanted to check out if anyone was catching any fish. We climbed down the ladder and walked along the sandy beach. Andrew was walking far ahead of me, I was taking selfies with my glass of wine and the beautiful sunset. He refuses to admit but I think he was nervous. Andrew sat down on a big driftwood log and I sat beside him. At this point, I had no idea my life was about to change forever. I said to him “it’s so beautiful, you should just propose and give me the ring later” he replied “but this isn’t sentimental” I assured him things don’t have to be, you make them sentimental.

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He changed the subject and shortly after asked me if I was happy. As I replied I started to think, what an odd question and my heart started to beat faster and faster. I said “…yes, of course,” Andrew asked me if I wanted to be happier? I said “what do you mean?” he repeated himself and I think we went back and forth a few times before he pulled the ring out of his pocket because I just couldn’t believe it! I gave him a big hug and said OMG! He said “well, are you going to put it on” I replied “YOU HAVE TO ASK ME,” Andrew asked me the question I have been waiting my whole life for “will you marry me,” I said YES! He put the ring on my finger. We took some time just the two of us to talk about how excited we were, how much we love each other and looking forward to this next step. We ran back to the cottage and told the Family, popped a bottle of champagne and went back to the spot to take a few photos before the sunset.

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