Colleen and Matthew

Where to Propose in Paris, France

How We Met

Matt and I went to the same college and always shared many mutual friends. It wasn’t until both moving to Philadelphia after graduation that we were introduced officially at a friend’s birthday gathering. He asked for my phone number at the end of the night and I’m so glad he did! We went on our first date just two weeks later, which included going to a local university’s soccer match and dinner at a Greek restaurant. It was history from there!

Colleen and Matthew's Engagement in Paris, France

how they asked

There are a million things that I love about Matt, but the way that he loves his family is one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to meet his Grandmom and Grandpop shortly after we started dating, and quickly learned of the incredibly special bond that Matt shared with them. As the years went on and as my love for Matt grew, my love and appreciation for his grandparents grew as well. I was honored to stand beside Matt as we celebrated good times, and also during sad and difficult times. While both of his grandparents are now together in heaven, they left some loving nudges for Matt to “finally” propose to me.

This October, Matt and I planned a trip with dear friends to Europe, with plans to see and explore three different countries. After traveling for nearly 24 hours, we finally arrived in Paris to begin our adventure. The four of us were eager to see the Eiffel Tower at night and were shortly on our way there (after stopping for champagne, of course!). While taking what felt like normal pictures with Matt and our friends, Matt took me by complete surprise by getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. I wish I could remember what he said after “You make me the happiest man in the world”…

After saying “yes” approximately 100 times, Matt slid the most beautiful ring onto my finger, sharing through tears that the center diamond had belonged to none other than his Grandmom. We definitely felt his grandparents with us in spirit as we basked in the magic and light of the Eiffel Tower at night!