Victoria and Matthew

How We Met: Matthew and I met at his job , it was my best friend for 13 years who introduced us. I was going to his workplace to see my bestfriend at the time so we can go out to lunch, when she got back he asked her about me and told her I was cute. Since than it was history.

Bride and Groom's Engagement in Ocean city md

how they asked: Matthew and I were in Ocean city MD with all of our best friends for cruisin week. We spent the day that he asked me mostly hanging with our best friends, little did I know he was out scoping out places to propose while I was doing girl stuff. We went out to eat with our friends and he asked me if we can spend time together and take a drive through the wildlife reservation like we do every year. We saw the most beautiful private beach, and parasailors sailing, he wanted to stop one more place before we went back. We pulled up to Assateague island it was filled with canals and inlets of water with grass it was beautiful. We were taking in the windy air when he told me how he wants to be with me forever and I explained how I feel the same , he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, best day of my life.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ocean city md